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Magnus Pips [Pytech]
Magical Law Enforcement
12 Jan 1969
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Magnus was the third child out of six in the Pips family. Now, while normally middle children do have issues with attention, in the Pips family, for some reason or another, Magnus never got much attention. And while he might've liked a pat on the back every so often, it in many ways made him stronger. He was self reliant. Maybe too much so.

When he was young, he idolized his brother Alastair, to the point of trying to be exactly like him. He was, of course close with all his sibling, but it was always Alastair whom he trailed after. Alastair was his big brother; the one who could protect him from all evil and could do anything in the world, while Glynnis had always been more mother like in his opinion. He wasn't younger by much, but it was enough of an age gap that by no means did he laugh and joke around with any of his siblings like they were equals. Both were on pedestals too high for that.

His disappointment was clear when he was sorted into Ravenclaw instead of Gryffindor like his brother. Still he made do, and managed fantastically at Hogwarts. His grades were always high, and while he never had many friends, those that he did have he was close with. Sports came easily to him, and in his third year, he joined the Ravenclaw Quidditch team as a Chaser. He was always best at Defense and Charms, though he was rubbish at Divination, which, in his opinion had always been a rather iffy subject.

After school, he went right into the Auror division. Working as a trainee, he tried to avoid any association with his father or sister, as he wanted to succeed as an Auror by himself. Not because of anything on their parts. It was then that he'd begun to see how Alastair had changed after Constance's death and his encounter with Frederick. No longer quite idolizing his brother, instead, he began to feel bad for him.

From there on, he began to drift apart from his family. Sure, every holiday they got together, but he was always quiet. A professional front had been put up around him, and was rarely let down, even when he was in the company of friends or family. While it might have been lonely, he didn't know any better. Work became his life, for the most part. Cases gave him a sort of comfort. He knew how to do his job, and he could do it well.


Walnut, 13", Phoenix Feather

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Hogwarts, Ravenclaw, 1980-1987

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Jim Sturgess

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