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Ministry of Magic
Seth St Maur
Magical Law Enforcement
Senior Auror
13 Jul 1967
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Seth was the younger of identical twin boys born to Rhydion St. Maur and Serafina Darius. While the St Maur line was old, pureblooded, and with a notorious history of genetic degradation, Serafina was from a wealthy halfblood family, and their marriage was one of convenience and practicality. Unknown to Seth , he was actually fathered by his mother's guard, and she was pregnant before the marriage.

Though his father preached for blood purity, he took special pleasure in his affairs with muggle women and had many other infidelities. Indolent and idle, he lived off his wife's largess and eventually his boredom turned to anger, which he directed against his house staff, his wife, and his children.

As the oldest of them all, the twins bore the brunt of his wrath for their childhood. For Seth's part, he learned how to take his punishments, how to minimize his father's anger against him, then he how to direct it so they fell upon his mother instead. Both he and his twin were survivors, and bearing their father's anger while their younger siblings remained mostly protected from it brought the two of them even closer together.

In Hogwarts, Seth was moderately popular. He was sorted into Slytherin and did well as a beater in Quidditch. An introvert with a technical mind, he did well in his classes and it was only due to his excellent athleticism that he managed to make any friends or lovers. He was an excellent student, quiet and with an explosive energy. Though he was involved in several fights, he was never punished for them. The position of Auror appealed to him for the power and influence it wielded, especially as a way to separate himself from his father and his family's legacy, and he was accepted into training shortly after his graduation.

Heath's arrest for murdering their father came several years later. If it had been Seth who found them first, he might've attempted to dispose of the body and cover it up; he had no love for his father, and he had, after all, watched Heath grow up over the years. But it wasn't him who brought him in. And though Seth had a chance later to release Heath and let him run, possibly to escape his fate, he walked away from it. It would've been too obvious what had happened, and he had his own life to think about. In the years that followed, he made some half-hearted attempts to get Heath's sentence reduced, to get him released, but as the reports of his brother's waning sanity came back, he abandoned that pursuit. There was no longer any point.

During the Second War, he acted as a Snatcher without compunction. Supremely self interested, he made sure to occasionally spare a few muggleborns, just enough to introduce doubt regarding his allegiances should the political tides turn once more. When the tribunal came, those few incidents of "mercy" served him well, and he was allowed to keep his position under the pretense of simply following orders.

Spoiler: rough timeline show
1967 - born
1980 - 1st war end, 13 y/o
1985 - graduation, 17 y/o
1988 - finished auror training, 20 y/o
1989 - heath's arrest, 22 y/o
1995 - senior auror promotion, 28 y/o
1997 - snatcher, 30 y/o


Blackthorn, 11 1/2", Dragon Heartstring

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Hogwarts, Slytherin, 1978-1985

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Dylan Bruce

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