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Ministry of Magic
Sabine Ohanian
HR Clerk
08 Mar 1979
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Sabine knew practically nothing of her father when he was killed at the end of the First Wizarding war. Only two years old at the time, the vague recollections she had of him were of him always being too busy to spend time with her. Her mother, likewise, would become too busy for her once Nikolai was born.

Always behind her older siblings yet slightly too old to be the baby, Sabine grew resentful of her place in the family. She was a dour and observant child and often withdrew from interacting with her siblings. She helped out with small tasks around the lodging house and made a hobby of watching and silently judging the people who came there, cataloging a large number of guests in her mind.

When it was time for her to attend school, she argued that she should be sent to Durmstrang instead of Hogwarts, citing the same reasons that Claudia had used on her several years prior. Really, it chafed Sabine that special exception had been made for Claudia, and if her sister was getting special privileges, then so would she.

Her mother refused. The bitch.

Sabine was sorted into Slytherin house upon attending Hogwarts and her time there taught her the hypocrisy of adults as time and time again Dumbledore's biases screwed Slytherin out of House Cup after House Cup. She was jaded and disgusted with the school system, which refused to teach them any useful dark arts or even DADA magic, and her studies suffered as a result.

When the Second Wizarding War broke out, she enjoyed the sudden elevation that Slytherin House received and was perfectly happy to follow along with the new regime. Like most Slytherins, she was locked in the dungeon for the Battle of Hogwarts.

Upon her graduation, the only job she was able to secure, due to her low grades and the wizarding world's sudden bias against everything Slytherin, was a lowly job in HR, but she soon found ways to turn it to her advantage by selling information to others.

Since the 2001 jailbreak, Sabine has been contacted by her uncle Sergei who she soon began to see as the father she never had, and she has started passing information along to him.


Acacia, 9", dragon heartstring

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Hogwarts, Slytherin, 1990-1997

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Vika Falileeva

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