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Corwin Pips [Liz]
20 May 1971
As the fourth of six children, Corwin usually felt shunted aside. While Magnus reacted to the same circumstances by training himself out of any sort of need for attention, Corwin went in the opposite direction. He wanted to be noticed and appreciated. Whenever he felt as though a sibling was giving him extra attention, he threw himself wholeheartedly into being that sibling's best friend. Then, when he was shunted aside again, he would feel ashamed and sad. Corwin always sought approval, but could never keep it once he found it.

Terribly average in every way, Corwin struggled to distinguish himself within the large family. He was constantly trying out new hobbies, looking for the thing at which he would be brilliant, but there didn't appear to be anything he was particularly good at.

When he arrived at Hogwarts, he was sorted into Hufflepuff, which he considered a fate worse than death. His siblings had been brilliant Ravenclaws or courageous Gryffindors, and he was ... what? Not particularly good at anything? It was a harsh blow to the boy's self-esteem. It didn't help that he had trouble making friends. His method of interacting with other people was to offer undying devotion, which usually ended up allowing others to take advantage of him.

In his third year, a very popular boy named Quillen Humphrey started paying attention to him, even drawing him into his group of friends. This was incredible! Corwin finally felt as though he was wanted. Sure, once in a while he thought it was strange that he was writing Quillen's essays and getting himself in trouble by covering up for him, but what did that matter? He had a friend, and he was helping his friend out. That was priceless.

It wasn't until their fifth year that Corwin and Quillen started becoming actual friends. Quillen had been kicked out of his home, and Corwin invited him to spend summers with his family. All of a sudden he was useful for a new reason: he was willing to listen to everything Quillen had to say.

That was when Corwin started to understand that he had very strange feelings toward Quillen. He didn't just want to be there for his friend, he wanted to ... oh, God, he wanted to kiss his friend. He did his best to keep up with the banter about hot girls and hooking up with them but, frankly, Corwin didn't feel any desire to hook up with girls. He invented fake crushes, pretended that he really did intend to flirt with those girls, and then played it off as though he was just that damn awkward, which was believable because he really was.

The more deeply Corwin felt for Quillen, the more desperately he worked to hide it. He couldn't go losing his best friend, his only friend! So those feelings stayed buried, and Corwin never dated anybody over the course of his school years.

Finally, they graduated. Eighteen years old and ready to see the world, Corwin and Quillen set off to find adventure, and they certainly succeeded in that goal. Unfortunately, one night in Rome when they were nineteen, Quillen found himself a girl to go home with, arranging with Corwin that they wouldn't meet again until the next morning. Bored, heartbroken, and more than a little drunk, Corwin found himself at a gay bar for the first time in his life. Though he was terrified, he was also excited, and when an incredibly handsome man asked him outside, he was all too ready to comply.

Unfortunately, Corwin's luck hadn't actually turned for the good the way he thought it had. The guy was a gay-basher and led Corwin right into the alley where his friends were waiting. They had a blast with Corwin that night, beating him, burning him with cigarettes, saying horrible things to him, letting him start to run away and then catching him again. It lasted for hours until they sodomized him with a beer bottle, used their wands to curse the word "FAG" onto his chest, and then left him there.

Somehow, he managed to crawl back to their hotel room, where Quillen was horrified at the state of his friend. Corwin made up some stupid story about muggers and refused to be taken to the hospital. The worst possible thing would have been for Quillen to learn the real story of what had happened.

Aside from this incredibly traumatic experience, the rest of their trip was amazing, and they were both pretty disappointed when they ran out of money and had to head back to London to get jobs. Corwin was doing boring administrative work for the Ministry by day, then engaging in ever more self-destructive behavior with Quillen by night. Their level of drug experimentation was pretty insane, but neither of them were happy with their jobs, and partying seemed the only way to get through the boredom.

Finally, when Quillen suggested that they leave the Ministry for a life of crime, Corwin was completely onboard. After all, this was his best friend, the man he was completely head-over-heels for. Wherever Quillen went, Corwin would follow. As long as they were friends, Corwin would somehow be all right.





12" - Rosewood - Unicorn Hair

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Hogwarts, Hufflepuff, 1982-1989

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Colin O'Donoghue

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