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Kiera Flannery
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07 Jan 1967
Kiera grew up believing that life was simply cut and dry. There was good and there was evil. There was happiness and there was sadness. There was love and there was hate. And each was a choice. This theory, this guideline she lived her life by, served her well for a while -- at least until she found that there was no so such thing as black and white or cut and dry. She was already an adult when she truly realized that the world was colored in shades of grey.

It was her favorite sister, Sloane, that had sent her world into a tailspin. A trial she could scarcely believe, an undeserved conviction in her eyes, and then a disappearance, all chipped away at her sense of duty, and her moral compass went spinning. She tried, but she could longer do her work with a clean conscious. She no longer believed in the judgement of the Ministry to do the right thing. So she left in search of answers -- in search of something to believe in.

She never found those answers, but she did find part of herself and eventually, peace with what the world actually was. Having found herself fascinated by both the magical and muggle communities of the Earth, she decided that she would use her talents spreading knowledge to the new generations. She settled back down in England and received her teaching certifications.

She enjoyed this new life. She loved her students, the slow pace of her community, and the fact that, even though there was so much evil and chaos around her, she could ignore it and find peace in the mundane. Unfortunately, it wouldn't last long.

It was during a school excursion that Kiera, her fellow teachers, and a small group of students came under attack by Fenrir Greyback and his fellow werewolves. Having been the only person there who was well versed in any kind of magical combat, Kiera struggled fiercely to keep her students and peers alive until help could arrive. Though it was remarkable how many survived, she will forever see that battle as one of her greatest failures.

Her own niece, Neve, had been bitten, her fellow co-workers killed, and several other students injured before help arrived. Kiera, by then, was useless and on the edge of death herself. It's something of a miracle that she survived, though it took her several months in the hospital to recover.

Those months gave her little to do but think. How was it that the world could be so cruel? She understood that she was not meant to live a normal life now. No matter what she did, no matter where she went, there would always be something wicked there to draw her back in.

Kiera wasn't the same woman anymore. She was determined to do good, and couldn't sit back and live an ordinary life. She knew the Ministry did its best, but the organization was massive, and bogged down by regulation and principal -- it took forever to get anything done. So instead she'd do what she could on her own, recruiting like-minded individuals who she trusted to aid her in these endeavors -- a group of concerned citizens of the magical community making difference one small act at a time.

The world may be colored in shades of grey, but she was determined to make it a little lighter.


Birch, 14 & 1/2", Unicorn Hair

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Hogwarts, Gryiffindor, 1978-1985

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Lauren Cohan

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