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RP Style Questionnaire

What are your favorite types of characters to play?
Hard question, because I like a mix of all sorts of characters. Personally I try to have a wide variety of characters with a good mix of flaws and strengths and I liked the same in other people's characters. As long as they are a Mary Sue or their actions feel forced I can normally RP with any character!

What are your favorite types of plots or relationships in RP?
Well again it comes down to the characters that are involved. I suppose my favourite have a good mix of angsty feels and bittersweet moments. But Really I am open to anything so long as it fits the characters involved.

Just nothing that going to be nothing but fluff and happiness because that is just so boring. If you like it all power to you but I might be the wrong person to rp with.

What's your preferred post length? Preferred thread length?
I don't really have one, depends alot on my partner really.

How often do you post?
I try to post everyday!

How long should a writing partner wait before nudging you to respond to a thread?
About four or five days. I normally tend to be pretty on top of thing, but if you don't hear from me in that length of time shot me a message. It might be because I forgot to bookmark the thread, or I am working on something for school and don't have time.

How do you feel about rapidfire?
Works for some things, not for others. Like some characters I really need to sit and think about their responses, others I know like the back of my hand and can just rattle off replies for them in my sleep.

On the other hand I try not to rapidfire too too much mostly because I want to give attention to everyone... but I do get really excited about some plots really quickly and tend to lean towards them first *cough* clari/greg stuff *cough*

How do you feel about group threads?
Love them, mostly because it's a chance to get to know other characters. They do make me somewhat anxious though because I am super scared of being judged or called out as a weak writer and I feel like that happens more with group threads than one on ones.

How much pre-planning vs. spontaneity do you like in your plots? Do you prefer to stick to the script or to deal with surprise curveballs?
Sometimes I do alot of pre-planning, other times I just go with the flow. I have a few characters that are super impulsive and it's hard to really plan anything for them so I just kind of let them go and see what happens. Surprise can be fun! However if you want to plan a ship with me then expect some planning, mostly because if the ship isn't going to form natural, I will plan to break it at some point.

What's your comfort level regarding graphic scenes w/ violence, drug use, sex, etc? Any limits?
A few for the really extreme stuff, but so long as it's talked out with me beforehand and my partner and I have a understanding that if one of us get too uncomfortable we can tap out then normally everything is okay.

What are some RP habits/styles/etc. that you love?
In depth bios... I am know for writing bios that tend to be a bit on the longer side of things because it's such a good way to start fleshing out a character. On the flip side I have been known to totally change everything about a character within the first thread they have. I like letting the character speak to me and sometimes they get a mind of their own. If you ever talk to me about my characters you will be quick to see how I really treat them like their own living people and sometimes I can stop them from doing stupid things, sometimes I can't.

Oh yeah that's another good one, I will not break my character personality to fit into a plot or to make someone happy. And I try not to redeem every character or have every character liked by everyone. Sometimes I like having that one real dick character everyone hates and I am not going to change his dickness for anyone.

What are some RP habits/styles/etc. that you avoid?
I try to avoid being repetitive, and I think that's why I have such a wide mix of characters. I never want to do the same thing twice. Yes many of my characters I have played with before in some form of the word but that being said it's never been the same twice.

Also ships just for the sake of ships I really do avoid. Again unless I know the ship is going to break or it severs a greater plot then we can talk but other than that I am not making a character just to ship with another character.

Is there anything else you'd like your writing partners to know about you?
Yes I have dyslexia, and I try my best to caught all my spelling and grammar mistakes but it's really hard for me sometimes. I know it can be really annoying to figure out what the fuck I am trying to say but stick it out with me! I promise I plot better than a few spelling mistakes.

DRARRY: Who tops?
Harry hands down.

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