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Fenella Hannigan
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12 Aug 1968
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Despite being born to a rather ordinary Irish-bred family, Fenella Hannigan grew up in the very heart of Diagon Alley. Her father was a Ministry worker, and while her mom was a mere muggle, she managed to adapt to the wizarding world quite easily. Life was simple in their upper middle class flat in the heart of the town, and she grew up with a strong mind, an even stronger heart, and a best friend that she cherished deeply.

The boy's name was Mason Andrews, and they were only a few months apart in age (though he would always make sure she remembered that he was older since it would annoy her to no end). Fenella was an only child, so the day she met the quiet and somewhat shy little boy in the pet store that one afternoon, they became instantly inseparable. The two did practically everything together day in and day out, and they were always certain to send each other letters before falling asleep where they promised to never separate. Their friendship was rock solid, and nothing would ever change that between them...

Or so they had said...

The first day of Hogwarts, the two walked in hand in hand with nerves bundled up in their stomachs. They had been told stories by their parents about the wonders of the school, but they truly weren't sure what to expect. And while Fenella had always been a bit more bold and courageous than Mason, she never expected for that difference to separate them into different houses. He was so much more intelligent than her and had a knack for writing that absolutely blew her away, so of course he was suited for the Ravenclaw house... But she wasn't that smart. Intelligent in her own rights, sure, but she was a lioness through and through whether she wanted to be tugged away from her best friend or not.

For the first couple of years, things were fine between the two of them, and they spent nearly every weekend together. Fenella was slowly climbing the popularity ladder in regards to the other Gryffindors with how spunky and sassy she could be, which was unfortunate seeing as Mason wasn't a very big fan of her new friends. Still, that wouldn't come between the two of them, and she was always certain to spend more time with Mason than with the others. After all, he had always been there, and little to her knowledge, she was beginning to feel more than just a little friendly towards him.

But then, during her third year, she met a rather toxic boy in the Slytherin house, and while lions and serpents didn't typically intertwine, he was fascinated by her. He pulled all of the romantic moves and treated her like a princess, showing his 'affections' early on. Fenella"s heart still longed for her lifelong best friend, but after realizing he had no interest in her, she decided to give this new fellow a chance. Everything was perfect for a good while, but she found herself spending less and less time with Mason. The new boy in her life was possessive and wanted her all to himself, and she was so wrapped up in the 'love' she thought he had for her that she allowed him to dictate who she saw and when.

She had gotten used to the abuse by the time they were fifth years, and by that point, she had cut off all contact with Mason. Besides, all she needed was her lover. Nothing else was important. But things began to grow worse, and things started to become physical between them. Violent backhands for stepping out of line and dangerous threats to ruin her reputation should she ever try to leave him. This wasn't the man she had fallen for... But she couldn't leave.

Then came the night during their seventh year where Mason confessed his feelings towards her. They hadn't spoken in a couple of years, and now he wanted to come tell her how he felt? After all of the torture? She was outraged and hurt beyond belief, and her only response was to scream at him for being inconsiderate. While she meant it as him not telling her soon enough, he took it as her blaming him for bringing up something so ridiculous. Snapping in a frenzy, she picked up the nearest object to her - a random flower pot that had seen more lively days - and tossed it towards him. Turning away to try and miss it, it struck him in the back, and thus ended their friendship officially.

Time went on, and when she was twenty, she finally broke away from the evil bastard who had seized her at such a young age. Eventually, she became an alternative model for a muggle modeling label in London. The regret she felt for pushing her best friend out the door all those years back consumed her and filled her with guilt, but he made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with her after the assault. It was her mistake to live with, so she quickly adapted the partying lifestyle and began drinking heavily throughout her twenties. She also came into a large amount of tattoos during that time, and to this day, she continues her lifestyle into her thirties.


9.6 in. - Phoenix Feather - Mahogany - Rigid

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Hogwarts, Gryffindor, 1979-1986

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Candice Alice

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