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Ministry of Magic
Liza Margrave
Lead of Public Information Services
05 May 1965
Liza wasn't born for the Margrave path, but she has molded herself to it over years and years of hard work and dedication, and nobody that knows her can doubt that fact.

The Margraves have always been well respected in the Wizarding community. While not overly influential amongst the pureblood families, they've always been good, hard-working folk. Unbeknownst to most, the Margraves were tasked with an ancient obligation -- to save the world from the evil that is the werewolves.

One of five original founding members of the Guardian's of the Night, Henry Theopold Margrave made a promise to protect the world of innocents from those horrible beasts and that he, nor his kin, would rest until werewolves were stuck from the Earth forever. And so became a tradition. The eldest male of each generation of the Margrave legacy was destined to follow in Henry's footsteps. And they did, until Liza.

Liza's mother and only brother died during childbirth, leaving her father heartbroken and with three daughters to care for. He threw himself into his work with the Guardians, and eventually met his fate at the hands of a werewolf. With his younger brother unable to bear children, the line of Margrave men was swiftly and suddenly cut off.

Liza and her sisters were placed into the care of their great uncle, Jefferson Margrave, a man whom never had any children of his own. Leader of the Guardians, Jefferson knew that he could not allow the Margrave legacy, their all-important family mission, to extinguish, so he made an exception - Liza would be the first Margrave female to bear the burden.

Jefferson pulled Liza aside on her eighth birthday, just as he had done with her father, and explained who she was and what her purpose in life was for. He fueled in her a deep seeded hatred of werewolf abominations and began preparing her for entry into the Guardians.

Liza was only fifteen when her Uncle died, but was already becoming a well-trained hunter and leader, just as he had been. To any outsider, Liza was a bookish, clever young girl whom had a bright future ahead of her -- a ruse that would allow her to continue in her family's footsteps incognito.

Always ten steps ahead, even as a teenager, Liza understood that an important position in within the Ministry of Magic would be a boon to the Guardians. Information was a powerful tool, and she understood that in order to rid the world of the werewolf scourge, they would need every advantage they could get.

Starting up an intern in Administration, her cunning and ambition allowed her to move up the ranks with relative ease, molding well with the shifts and changes in administration over the years (she was always good at keeping her eyes on the prize). It wasn't long before she had access to information that would prove invaluable to her organization, and at the recommendation of the man whom had taken her Uncle's place of Chief of the Guardians, she was voted into leadership on her 28th birthday.

Determined to make sure that the Margrave legacy continued, Liza was married in her early twenties, though is recently divorced. She gave birth to her now seven year old son -- Matthew, named for his grandfather, shortly before the split.


Oak, 15 & 2/3 ", Dragon heartstring

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Hogwarts, Ravenclaw, 1976-1983

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Elizabeth Mitchell

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