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Ministry of Magic
Maia Audley
Magical Law Enforcement
Azkaban Guard
22 Jul 1982
PLAYER | Belle
The American Audleys were basically better in every way than their British counterparts (sorry, Rue). Growing up in Arizona with her brothers and sister, Maia was comfortably spoilt, into clothes, cliques, and all things pink. Like Nayeli and Max, she was dutifully packed off to Ravenwood at eleven where she quickly ingratiated herself with the popular girls and had a new pretend boyfriend every week.

She really loved it in America, and she was unbelievably pissed when the family decided to return to the UK after her third year when the war was in full swing. The country was in a state of chaos, Hogwarts was under the rule of known Death Eaters, and there was no sunshine anywhere.

No matter how much she screamed, sulked, or swore, Felix and Cozumel refused to back down on their decision, seeing it as their family's duty to assist her father's homeland, and Maia - along with Josh - was sent to Hogwarts.

She was sorted into Slytherin, and stayed silent on the matter of her halfblood parentage. The Audley name commanded some respect in Britain, and especially among Voldemort's people, and being the shiny new toy in Slytherin had its perks. She made friends, and she toed the party line, and frankly was perhaps even a bit keen to take out her frustration on some of the other students - though fortunately, her wand work wasn't really good enough to muster more than a half-hearted stinging hex.

At the battle, like most of her house, Maia was a prisoner in the dungeons, for which she has not yet forgiven Harry Potter and his friends, Professor McGonagall, really any of the other teachers, her parents, and most of all, her stupid sister Nayeli for being the probable reason they all had to be dragged back to the UK after she disappeared.

Filled with resentment, Maia coasted through her final years of school and barely scraped a handful of grades. A decent student in Ravenwood, she threw away any scrap of academic promise at Hogwarts.

Faced with the possibility of having to move back in with her parents - which was literally the worst punishment she could think of - Maia applied to the Ministry with Chloe, where she was accepted - barely - as a Patrol Officer. She was a lacklustre recruit, but she got ahead mostly by giving head, and somehow managed to pass her training. Following the Trial in 2002, she was assigned to Azkaban as a guard, which she was totally fine with because it was an easier assignment, and she was pretty sure the Knights wouldn't be dumb enough to hit it twice.

At some point in the last year, Maia has gotten mixed up in a little underground business being run out of the prison. Having always been well-off, the salary of a guard hardly keeps her in the manner she's accustomed to, and it was laughably easy to convince her to set aside any morals she may have had. Besides, those designer handbags won't buy themselves, amirite?


11", Spruce, Dragon heartstring

Educational History

Hogwarts, Slytherin, 1997-2000

Face Claim

Lily James

Additional Notes

Attended Ravenwood Academy 1993-1996



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