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Andromeda Homes-Dewitt
University of Oxford
Graduate Student
14 Jan 1978
PLAYER | Linn Anna
Andromeda was born in New York city and is the daughter of Delaney Holmes and Logan Dewitt. Logan was a prominent police officer on the NYPD and Delaney was a Engineer for the city of New York. Delaney of course broke barriers by being one of the first woman engineers to work for the city of New York, and she caught the eye of this handsome soon to be police officer when they connected at a funeral of all places.

The year was 1975 and Logan had just returned home from Vietnam to find that the love of his life, a woman named Ophelia had passed away from Cancer. While attending her funeral service he ran into Delaney who had been forced to attend by her parents, who were friends with Ophelia parents. Logan formed an odd connection of sort with Delaney, he found the woman to be smart, headstrong, and a bit of a bitch. It was oddly interesting and in complete contrast to Ophelia Godly and submissive nature. Delaney on the other hand just found Logan to be a bit of a dumbass.

But Delaney was exactly what Logan needed after the shit hand he had just been dealt. Coming home from the war, and losing Ophelia caused him to lose all of his faith. Delaney never had any faith to beginning with, and was able to proved Logan with the dry satirical view of the world that he needed. After about 6 months of seeing each other they moved in together. Which lead both of their families to ask "When are you two going to get married?" Neither of them had any desire to get married, they were happy living together with whatever weird little relationship they had.

three years after first getting together and worked out their life together, Delaney found herself pregnant. Logan and Delaney were both shocked because neither of them ever ever EVER planned to have any children ever, and while they were both terrified to be parents with start with each new month they grew more and more excited.

When Andromeda was born it was the best day in both Delaney and Logan life, everyone was now begging for them to get married for the sake of their daughter. However they new that getting married didn't make them better parents and so they didn't waste their time.

Andi totally lived up to the expectation put on her for being the daughter of a woman that is basically consider to be a pioneer in engineering. Not to mention Logan wit and skill that made him an amazing cop. She showed her love of science at a young age and had a very "I can do anything" attitude that was highly encouraged by her mother. Logan and Delaney were often called into the principal's office because Andi would start picking fights with boy would she thought were getting in her way. It made Delaney so proud of her daughter every time this happen.

When she was around ten years old she started to have trouble with her vision. Mostly seeing at night. Delaney and Logan thought that maybe she just needed glasses but it turned out to be so much more than that. It turned out that Andi had Retinitis Pigmentosa, and there was nothing they could do to stop their daughter from going blind. Andi however refused to let this slow her down, after all she was the daughter of two amazing people so what if she couldn't see she was smart, witty and full of passion she would be fine.

As her vision became less and less over the years she worked harder and harder to prove to everyone she could still do amazing things even though she couldn't see. Delaney made sure to find her all the best biochemical text books in braille so she could study and made all the accommodation needed so her daughter could ace her SATs and get into any university of her liking.

She ended up doing her undergrad at the University of Columbia in Biochemistry and left the school with a 4.0 average. Shortly after she applied for Grad schools all over the world much to the fear of her father. He didn't want his little girl who was nearly blind to be miles away from him, why couldn't she say somewhere in New York were he can get to her? But Andi wanted to prove she could live her life just fine in a different part of the world away from her family. She was accepted into several grad schools but settle on Oxford because she had always admired it as one of the leading school in science.

She had just enter her second year of Grad school and is very excited to finish up her Master and then start work on her PhD. England turned out to be a very kind country to her, and while she misses New York (And returned home briefly for Christmas after 9/11 because her parents had lost so many friends) she was more than happy to be here. It felt like this is were she belonged. Andi met many amazing people who didn't care that she was blind. She was still a smart, independent woman who was sly witty and charming.
Andi was raised to believe that she was so much more than her limitations and because of it she has grown to be confidant and determin. She knows that she rules her own life and no one else does. It's hard to walk all over her as she is headstrong and stubborn and will call someone out on their shit without any thought about their feelings. And while this can come across as cold she is still caring and has a tender side too. After all you can't be a strong cold bitch all day everyday. And while this softer side is reserved for people that are close to her, it's still there.
Soft, cream like skin and bright eyes (Even though they don't work), with long dark hair and you have a stunning girl with a bright smile. Andi is a very classic beauty even if she downplays it quite a bit. She does like wearing makeup but it's always very natural. Of course being almost blind means she has no time to fuss much over her looks since she cannot see herself.

Educational History

Columbia University, Oxford University, 1996- 2000, 2000- 2003

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Lily Collins

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