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Ministry of Magic
Elijah Rowle
International Magical Cooperation
Wizard Lawyer
27 Aug 1960
Elijah was the middle child of a pureblood family that could trace its lineage back generations. The Rowles had the blood, and the money, and the clout that came with both of those things. He was raised to believe he was better than most, and he believed it.

At Hogwarts, he was in Slytherin, surrounded by other purebloods, reaffirming his belief in blood purity. He was young, good-looking, and popular - what more could a kid ask for? He was smart, too, but more than that, he was charming, and he knew how to use that to his advantage. When he left Hogwarts, it was no surprise to anyone that he pursued law as a career, like his father before him.

The Rowles valued family and blood above most things, and so Elijah was fairly close with his older sister, Persephone and his younger sister, Josephine. The elder two of them did as they were asked by their parents, and both married young, though Elijah seemed much happier with his bride, a Pureblood a few years younger than him by the name of Bryony.

At first, things were great with the newlyweds. Elijah might have been cocky and arrogant, but he was also charming and funny, and while he might not have loved her, she loved him very much indeed. They tried at once to have children, but several years passed before Bryony had a pregnancy that she was able to carry to term.

During this time, Elijah was focused on his career, and he was largely distant during the first few years of his son's life. He was also having an affair, but he was very discreet about it. When his mistress gave him another son, he refused to acknowledge the child, and in fact he cut the woman out of his life completely. At first.

Though his first son was only six, the boy had never shown so much as the tiniest sign of magic. It weighed on Elijah, and so, just in case, he went back to his mistress. He gave his second son his last name. He kept them on the sidelines, insurance in case his hunch was right.

Five years later, he found out that he was right. His eldest son was a squib. Elijah immediately became cold to the child (not that he had been father of the year beforehand), and shifted his focus to his illegitimate child, who had already shown minor magic. On top of that, he made the decision to be open about the child, so that everyone would know that Bryony was where the squib blood had come from, not him.

From that moment forward, his second child was the one he focused on. His attention for his firstborn was meager, and the divide between himself and Bryony became wider and wider - she loved her son and was heartbroken at Elijah's treatment of him. But she didn't leave, because she was proud and the Rowle name meant something. And perhaps she loved Elijah still, despite his poor treatment of her.

Elijah, for his part, kept several mistresses, less discreet about it nowadays, though he never fathered any other children (that he knew of), choosing instead to nurture his second born son, making sure that the child wanted for nothing.

Through the years, Elijah rose from law clerk to junior lawyer to wizard lawyer, with eyes on the Wizengamot and perhaps beyond. During both wars, he sympathized with the Death Eaters, but never openly joined them. During the first war, he passed along information and was never caught, though his family spent some time under a cloud of suspicion that money and influence was able to eventually dissipate. During the second, he claimed that he was loyal to the Ministry itself - no matter the leadership. He did his job, whatever that might have entailed, and if deep down he enjoyed the new regime, well, who could prove it?

Dedicated still to his job, Elijah frequently works long hours and has little patience for anything that diverts his attention, save for his second son, of course.





Ash; 10"; Dragon Heartstring

Educational History

Hogwarts, Slytherin, 1971-1978

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Justin Theroux

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