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Ministry of Magic
Joshua Audley
Magical Law Enforcement
Patrol Officer Trainee
01 May 1986
PLAYER | twufoo
Josh was a cute kid from the get go. With big brown eyes and a smile that could make anyone go like baby baby baby ohhhhhhh, he never lacked for anything he wanted. As the baby of the family he grew up in the desert of Arizona with brothers and sisters much older than himself. He lived in a world apart from his older sister Nayeli, who would later be turned into a werewolf and go missing. With a disparity of over a decade between them, he only saw her when she would come to visit the family for school breaks, and for most of that time he was a toddler.

No matter how much Josh seemed to screw up, there was always someone there to make everything better, always someone to help him out. Getting others to help him out became second nature to him and over the years he became a hopeless optimist, believing silly things like "everything happens for a reason" and "people are inherently good." Without responsibility or much drive to speak of, his interest turned to the superficial and frivolous. He loved visits to Phoenix, Arizona, otherwise known as Ken & Barbie capitol, USA and was very much taken by the culture of perfect bleached smiles, bronzed skin, and popped collars with fancy-ass shoes.

Generally considered cute but harmless by his family, it was to everyone's surprise that Josh developed magic just in time to join a magical school at the proper age of 11 years old. The Second War had just finished, and the family moved back to England to help with the rebuilding efforts.

Josh began attending Hogwarts where he was immediately sorted into Hufflepuff. Gregarious, good looking, with dimples for miles and moves like Usher, he was immediately popular at school. Despite a tendency to make stupid decisions (like studying to become an animagus) that invariably led to highly embarrassing situations that might've crushed someone else, Josh always seemed to bounce back and was easily forgiven. And he always seemed to be hooking up with different girls, and every one of them was his one heart, his one life for sure. This never lasted for much longer than a month.

Josh has since begun dealing drugs and some other blackmarket items to his peers. It seemed like a good idea for money reasons, but it turned out that Josh wasn't exactly great with things like insisting his customers pay him on time in full and not giving away the merchandise for free. What's more, he's started poking his head into some other hornets' nests that should be left alone--like the mystery of whatever happened to his older sister, Nayeli. It's likely that his tendency to attract trouble and misfortune upon himself will come to a head soon.


Cottonwood, 9 1/8", Unicorn Hair

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Hogwarts, Hufflepuff, 1997-2004

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Justin Bieber

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