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Ministry of Magic
Stan Finkleston
Magical Law Enforcement
Lead of the Improper Use of Magic Office
24 Oct 1964
5' 8"
PLAYER | Steph
Stanley was the second son and middle child to a respected wizarding family. He had a fairly “normal” childhood growing up, his parents were decent enough people. Sometimes they used their “Pure Blood” status to muscle their way around. So what!? If the other wizards let themselves get pushed around, then they deserved it. His parents gave him and his twin brother everything they could possibly want. Everything was perfect…until it wasn’t.

Stanley could never pinpoint the exact moment that his family began to transpire against him but it started when he was very young. He noticed that Stewart was given the bigger bag of jellybeans, and Stewart was getting the most praise.

Everyone look at Stewart, isn’t he clever…Stewart can ride a broom already…Stewart is taking to magic so easily…Stewart is handsome and tall…Stewart is going to be a great wizard… He heard it all the time, the way they would sing his praises. Stanley was getting pushed into the shadows, being overlooked, he was like that other sibling that they had….whatshisface, the really unremarkable one.

Things were no better at Hogwarts, Stewart was always besting him in everything. He aced all of his classes, he made the Quidditch team. Stan could do better than his stupid useless brother IF HE WOULD JUST GET OUT OF THE WAY!!! Stanley Finkleston was thirteen years when he murdered his twin brother. It was an accident it wasn’t an accident Officials didn’t know what to make of the situation, they couldn’t find signs of foul play and no magic was involved. Things fell into place for Stanley after that, he went back to Hogwarts after that summer, made the Quidditch team, he scored perfectly on all of his exams.

The First Wizarding War only played as a background to his childhood, it didn’t interfere with his life until his last year at Hogwarts when he and his younger brother had to leave school abruptly when it was thought that the dark lord had been vanquished and his death eater parents were attempting to flee. He refused to go with them, why should he? He wasn’t a coward…he also wasn’t a death eater. Stan managed to convince them to leave him the remainder of their fortune, he was an adult now anyway, he could take care of himself. But why did they have to leave poor pathetic, unimportant child with him? Little fucker should have died with them when Stan turned his parents in.

In the years that followed Stan didn’t do much of anything but live off of the wealth his parents left behind. He also picked up a few handy bits of torture, and became an Animagus. Eventually, he got a job at the Ministry, it wasn’t the glorious life he had planned for himself, but he was waiting for the right moment, hoping glory would just kind of show up for him. When it never came he sought out being purposefully cruel as a consolation prize.
He was an intern at the Ministry when Dolores Umbridge ran the Muggle-Born Registration Commission and Stanley was her star pupil. She would constantly use his ruthlessness as an example for how muggle-borns should be handled. At the end of the Second Wizarding War, Stanley fled a coward after all. When he was caught, he blamed everything on Umbridge, claiming that he feared for his life, and she made him do those things, he had run away because he couldn’t live with the guilt of what he had done, HE WAS INNOCENT! HA!

After his suspension and rehabilitation (he really laid it on thick) he got a position in the Improper Use of Magic Office and eventually moved his way up to Assistant Head of the Department. It still wasn’t the glorious life he deserved, but it was fine for now.


Elm, 10 inch dragon heartstring

Educational History

Hogwarts, Slytherin, 1975 - 1982

Face Claim

Andrew Scott

Additional Notes

The wand Stan is using was stolen from his dead brother. His actual wand is Cherry, 9 inch unicorn hair.



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