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Ministry of Magic
Charlize Mehallow
Magical Law Enforcement
04 Feb 1974
PLAYER | Claira
Charlize was born and raised in a small wizarding community that took form of a cul de sac; never bothered and never noticed, just like how the families there intended. Everyone worked together hand in hand and it was their bonds that help them pass through the First Wizarding War. Almost.

Whether they had been Death Eaters of the Lord Voldemort or Knights of Walpurgis, they had taken over that little close knit community with little to no difficulty. They killed the elderly and promised to do the same to the children if they did not obey. And so the little community lived in untold fear, but not Charlize. Like most children often do, they question – inquire about their dilemma, and ultimately offer their own solutions. But the dark wizards did not like her spunk and threatened her with silence.

And since then she kept her silence, even when she attended Boorowong Island High, she never once told anyone about her cul de sac. She kept herself, focused on her studies and her hobbies, and made very few friends. By the time she graduated, she was one of the top of her class and had her pick of the lot when it came to jobs. And she decided to go into the field of becoming a Hitwizard. Most tried to coerce her into Witch Watcher training due to her silent and observing nature, but she remained unmoved by their reasons. She trained arduously and in the end all her hard work paid off when she finally became a full fledge Hitwizard – a title she wears most proudly.

After a series of events in her personal life, Charlize decided it was a time for change of scenery and requested if she could be transferred to the British Ministry of Magic four years into her job. With little technical difficulties, she was able to transfer and start life anew in London.
Charlize Mehallow is a very silent person, choosing to be quiet and observant that speaking nonstop. Though this doesn’t make her a dull person as she’ll often pull pranks, convince others to drink, and play small games like knives, darts, and arm wrestling. She’s also a smart aleck, often mocking others based on their attitudes and usually questioning people’s choices and decisions, etc. She’s very hard on newbies she trains, criticizing any fails and reminds them of all possible scenarios due to their failure. However, she will mend the situation by explaining the fix.


12¾ Alder Wood with Dragon Heartstring, Unyielding

Educational History

Boorowong Island High School of Magic, Mabo, 1984-1991

Face Claim

Andreea Diaconu

Additional Notes

- Charlize loves dum dums and can usually be seen with one in her mouth.
- Her favorite flavor is grape; she'll love you forever if you give her grape flavored dum dums.
- She hates strawberry and root beet dum dums; give her these and you just painted a target on your face.



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