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Ministry of Magic
Mordecai Kelly
Magical Law Enforcement
27 Mar 1973
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Mordecai had all the ingredients to be a successful pureblood Death Eater asshole.

Except the pureblood part.

His family were an awkward mix of new money and old money – his father, sharp and incisive and intelligent, but a self-made man from an early life of poverty in Belfast, and a muggleborn; his mother at the other end of the spectrum had grown up sheltered, wealthy, expected to marry into a good family like the Malfoys or the Blacks. They fell for one another over a shared ability to inflict deep verbal scars and perpetuate breathtaking cruelty.

Mordecai learned early on that pressing his words into weak spots was the best way to get attention – any attention. He was accepted to Hogwarts and sorted into Slytherin without a moment of hesitation on the Hat’s part. Of course, his peers knew he wasn’t their kind, but Mordecai managed to gather himself a few cronies, and together they perpetuated a reign of terror on the students from other houses – though of course, they operated in the shadows, a mix of caution and cowardice.

One of his favourite targets was a muggleborn Gryffindor, Poppy Beaumont. Compared to her housemates, she was shy and easy to hurt, and Mordecai was all about going for the soft, fleshy underbelly. But in their seventh year, something happened that changed him fundamentally: Poppy was cornered by two of his friends, an attack that he walked in on and was given the choice to join.

Mordecai, though contemptuous of the weak and certainly a bully, fought his wars with words. He used stunning spells to render his friends unconscious and allow Poppy to escape, before obliviating them. The next day, he went right back to taunting her as if nothing had happened, but it was as if he was operating on autopilot, his desire to cause pain blunted by his own disturbance.

To the surprise of almost everyone that knew him, he left school with a good hand of NEWTs and promptly rendered them pointless by joining the Hitwizards. Mordecai was far from a natural. He struggled a lot with the physical aspects of the training; years of sharpening his wit had left his stamina far behind. Poppy, who’d also gone down the same career path, proved to be far more adept, and it was mostly down to his desire to not be bested by her that he put far more effort into his training than he otherwise would have – staving off his natural instinct to give up at the first hurdle, and persevering until completion.

They never did quite reconcile, or bring up the events that occurred in their last year of school, but during the war, Poppy demonstrated that she hadn’t forgotten what he’d done for her all those years ago. When a group of Death Eaters hit a resistance transport they were guarding, killing the rest of their team and leaving them vastly outnumbered, Poppy sacrificed herself to take out the majority of the enemies and ultimately save Mordecai’s life.

Heavy with the debt she left him, he has been trying to change his ways for the last few years, finally recognizing his own cruelty as something he doesn’t want to be part of him. It’s slow-going though, the habits of a lifetime ingrained into him, and he slips back into his old skin more often than he’d like.


13", Cedar, Phoenix tail feather

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Hogwarts, Slytherin, 1984-1991

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Miles Teller

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