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Ministry of Magic
Indigo Graham
On-Site St. Mungo's Clinic
12 Aug 1977
PLAYER | Claira
Dancing is in his blood; Party rocking is his religion.

Too bad it doesn’t pay the bills.

Indigo was born on the sandy beaches of Southern California, a surfer boy in his natural habitat. His parents, laidback and majors in self philosophies, owned a little smoke shop that sat only minutes from the shore. Everyone was quite content with their lives. Ever since he could walk without stumbling like a small drunk person, Indigo assisted in cleaning the shop in the mid-afternoons, learned how to surf like his parents, and enjoy the many smells of different incenses.

As he grew older and taller, he began showing signs of magic and the first bout was when he was cleaning the shop, all the bongs –ahem, smoking accessories- began to float about before smashing into the ground, effectively busting them all. Indigo, in his panicked state, cleaned up the shards of glass and came up with a cover story that some robbers came in and stole all the bongs and they even broken some. He almost got away with it until Magical Congress affiliates showed up and explained their son’s disposition – he was a wizard! He did get grounded after that, but he was a wizard!

When he was of age, Indigo attended the Ravenwood Academy. During the entire time, nothing of great disturbance or importance happened. He was a fan of Herbology, excelled in it actually, and he got into dancing! And pot.

Now he had a dilemma as graduation neared closer and closer; he was a partier. He loved the dancing, the booze, and the closeness of other people. But party rocking wouldn’t pay the bills. So on one hot summer night in his late teens, Indigo did some heavy soul searching and after getting into an accident where he lost the tip of his left ring finger, he wanted to help people in the best way possible. Heal them! He kept his Herbology grades up and worked increasingly hard on his other studies in order to pass. So after graduation and the grueling process of basic and advanced training, Indigo got his certifications to be a mediwizard.

After hearing about the end of the Second Wizarding War, Indigo requested for a transfer to the Ministry of Magic to aid in the support of all the injured witches and wizards. Having that request fulfilled, Indie got his own apartment and assisted in the care of others and found this task to be very self-awarding.


10” inch Apple with Unicorn Hair core

Educational History

Ravenwood, 1989-1996

Face Claim

Sky Blu (Skyler Austin Gordy)

Additional Notes

- He has a venus fly trap named Martha and several marijuana plants named Betty and the Jets.
- He enjoys surfing, gardening, dancing, travelling, & making some dank sandwiches.



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