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Ministry of Magic
Desmond Fillion
International Magical Cooperation
Senior Linguist
02 Mar 1967
Desmond was the first of seven children born to a pair of dairy farmers in middle-of-nowhere Scotland. As the child of a muggle and a squib, they weren't sure whether or not he would be magical, so they didn't bother telling him too much about magic at first. His eldest sibling, Alexis, was born shortly thereafter, and the two combined to make an indomitable team.

About five years later, Benedict arrived, followed in quick succession by Aston and then Rose. Sawyer came a few years after Rose. All in all, by the time he was ten years old, Desmond had five younger siblings and he'd already become quite skilled at getting them to do what he wanted them to do. Whereas Alexis preferred hogtying as a means of getting her way, Desmond was all about the smooth talk.

In fact, smooth talking was how Desmond's magical abilities first presented themselves. When he was six years old, he managed to talk a sizable group of runaway cows back to their pasture. They followed him like little kids running after the Pied Piper. After that, Desmond's parents decided to tell him about that little thing called magic. He was fascinated and thrilled at the prospect of going to a magic school someday.

When a French family bought the neighboring farm, Desmond became friends with their daughter, and that was when it became apparent to all that he had a brain for languages. It didn't take long for Adaliz to get him conversing quite comfortably in French. Whenever Desmond wasn't doing his farm work (or, more likely, conning his siblings into doing it for him), he was spending time with Adaliz. As a young boy, he believed himself desperately in love with her. Unfortunately, she was a muggle and wouldn't be coming to Hogwarts with him.

In 1978, he arrived at Hogwarts and was placed in Slytherin. This was when he truly began to understand, based on what other students said to each other, that there was a war going on. It didn't really touch him there at Hogwarts, but hearing about it taught him that the world was a lot bigger and a lot darker than just his idyllic Scottish farm life. Needless to say, he was relieved to hear of Lord Voldemort's demise a few years later.

Desmond made himself some friends at Hogwarts, but even more enemies. As time went on, he refined his gift of gab further and further. He could talk pretty much anything out of anybody and come out of the encounter smelling like a rose. He was sneaky enough and clever enough that the other students were unable to get him in trouble. After all, they were the ones who made deals with him that they later regretted. It wasn't as though he forced them into anything! He was a completely innocent party!

Though he didn't get in trouble for his burgeoning cons, he did find himself in fairly frequent trouble for the duels that often came as a result of those cons. By the time Desmond graduated from Hogwarts, he really understood why the wand that had chosen him was made of "warrior's wood": If he wanted to keep conning people the way he so enjoyed, he needed to be able to hold his own in a fight.

In 1985, shortly after the youngest Fillion sibling was born, Desmond graduated from Hogwarts and set out to see the world, learn more languages, and con as many people as possible out of as much money as possible. He spent the most time in Russia, since it was large enough to allow him to bounce around between different regions once he'd ... overstayed his welcome. He's known by all sorts of aliases in all sorts of places, but usually under the same epithet: cheating scumbag. Those dueling skills really came in handy, and he got pretty good at fisticuffs, too.

After Russia had just gotten too dangerous for him, Desmond spent time in Germany, Italy, and Greece, but always ended up having to get the hell out of Dodge. Finally, having corresponded with Adaliz via letters for several years, he decided to go back home and make his grand overtures of love. They were well received, and the two set off together to travel through France. Desmond actually refrained from being a con man during this time.

On March 2, 1991, Desmond got the greatest birthday present ever: his daughter, Heidi, was born. In 1992, Adaliz and Desmond moved back to the UK to be closer to their families. They got married, and Desmond took a job working for the Ministry of Magic in the Department of International Magical Cooperation. Over the years, he worked his way up through the career ladder of the International Magical Trading Standards Body.

Things were wonderful until the Ministry fell to the Death Eaters. What was he supposed to do? Desmond might never have been the most moral of people, but even he knew that it was wrong to murder people based on their birth. Stealing was fine, but killing people? Yeah ... not his thing. So he used his smooth talk and his international connections to help lots of muggleborns to safety in foreign countries. He sent Heidi to live with his parents, and he tried to send Adaliz, too, but she refused to leave him on his own in such a dangerous situation.

Unfortunately, Desmond's luck didn't last. He was discovered and tossed into Azkaban, only to find out while he was there that Adaliz had been murdered by the Death Eaters, most certainly due - at least partly - to his "crimes." He was in Azkaban for about three months before the war ended and the innocents were released.

He sold the lovely flat he'd shared with Adaliz, moved into the Ministry Mews with Heidi, and continued to work his way up through the International Magical Trading Standards Body. Now, Heidi is a first-year at Hogwarts, and Desmond has mostly left behind his con artist ways ... mostly.


13" - Blackthorn - Dragon Heartstring

Educational History

Hogwarts, Slytherin, 1978-1985

Face Claim

Josh Holloway

Additional Notes

Fluent in French and Russian
Conversational in German, Italian, and Greek




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