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Ministry of Magic
Eloise Harper
Magical Law Enforcement
Investigator Trainee
09 Mar 1984
PLAYER | Claira
Eloise never had it easy; or it was something she always liked to tell herself. Ever since she was a little girl, she always felt that there was always something a little bit more to her than what most people saw. And she was right; at the age of seven, she began to show magical properties. Instead of ecstatic excitement for her newfound powers, her own parents were shocked, horrified and began to call her the devil’s own. When the Ministry workers came knocking at their door, they were more than eager to throw her at them and they were never to be seen again. The bitter child was immediately taken into the foster care system for magical children, where she would then bounce from house to house due to her hateful attitude.

School was never any better. Surprisingly enough, she was sorted into Gryffindor; in which, she had always assumed that only the rowdy lions could deal with her attitude problem. But that was alright with her, she mostly kept to herself and when people got close, she kept them closed out. Eloise often found herself in detention, scoring negative points for her house, and had quite the collection of enemies ranging throughout all the houses. This loathing and resentful pattern continued up until her third year, where during the summertime she met another muggleborn boy in her foster house, Brayden Watson. His mother was quite the piece of work ever since his father died in a trucking accident and as a result, she lost her guardianship over her son. Eloise felt for him and ever since then she became a little more sociable, more protective, stronger, and more determined to become a better person than she was before.

During the war, she felt extremely lucky to be alive since the Battle of Hogwarts, though her luck didn’t come without a price. Eloise’s left arm got terribly maimed when the school’s wall came tumbling down on it in jagged pieces and to save herself from being killed by death eaters, trolls, and giant spiders she pulled it out from beneath the rubble – effectively skinning her arm from her shoulder to her forearm. It took a few surgeries and tons of physical therapy to get herself back to the point of being able to use it again. After just a few years, Eloise managed to get some feeling back and only during the cold temperatures will cause acute sensitive pain throughout her arm.

The damage left her in no way able to pursue her original choice of career which was Hitwizard, so she opted for Investigator – still having the very slim chance of apprehending bad guys with guns blazing. She continued to her schooling, passed the OWLS needed and pursued her career in Investigation.


13” Blackthorn wood with Phoenix Feather

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Hogwarts, Gryffindor, 1995-2002

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Katelyn Nacon

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