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Ministry of Magic
Astoria Greengrass
On-site St. Mungo's Clinic
Resident Psychotherapist
12 Jan 1982
PLAYER | Linn Anna
The easiest way to survive in this world is to look pretty, smile, and never talk back. Astoria Greengrass could do all three of these things very very well. She was very pretty; at least that is what she had been told. She could smile very well. And she would never dare talk back ever. You didn't talk back, you believed every last word of what you were told and you obey every word. And even though Astoria parents didn't support The Dark Lord, they did not speak in kind of Muggleborns and Muggles and Astoria dare not speak ill of their word.

Being the quiet follower type everyone thought that she would follow in the footstep of her sister and end up in Slytherin but she didn't. Astoria found herself in Ravenclaw which was a shock to everyone in her family but the girl knew it was a good place for her. She didn't want to be a carbon copy of her sister and if there was a silent way she could talk back to her parents, getting sorted into Ravenclaw was one of them.

She was a very good student, earning top marks and staying out of trouble. She was never outwardly mean to any muggleborns but it was clear she wanted nothing to do with them. Whether it was because she had shared her father beliefs or was trying to appear like she did it was hard to know and maybe that was because Astoria didn't know herself. Muggleborns all seemed to be nice people but she could always hear the voice of her father telling her that muggleborn were not to be trusted, they were dirty and would steal her magic... but she wasn't so sure anymore.

The Second Wizard War happen during her fifth year and along with her sister she was pulled out of school and it was the first time Astoria put up a fuss. How dare they take her out of school she would be having her O.W.Ls in a year and sure would be missing so much if she didn't go to school, the last thing she wanted was to fall behind in school but she didn't have a choice it was just too dangours.

At this time her sister started writing articles about fashion that Astoria really really liked and she totally thought she should try and get published because her Sister was just a really good writer and knew it. And she was very happy when her sister sent her piece into Witch Weekly, even more happy when it was well received but she knew it would be.

The war ended and Astoria was allowed to go back to school which she was very happy with, but everything had changed slightly. She saw the affects that the war had on everyone everywhere she went, from purebloods to muggleborn everyone was hurting and Astoria wanted to help. Her O.W.Ls and N.E.W.Ts were very high and she was apcected into Psychotherapist training out of school. She figured it would be the one thing she could do to help people deal with the trauma they had gone though.

She has just finished first her two years of training and is very happy to know that she is finally about to help people for real now. Sure she's got another two years before she is a regular psychotherapy but it's okay she knows she will get there soon. Sure it's been a few years since the war but Trauma runs deep and she ready to prove herself and help anyone she can because at the end of the day muggleborn and pureblood aren't all that different right?


Cherry and Unicorn Hair, 13 inches

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Hogwarts, Ravenclaw, 1993-2000

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Lana Del Rey

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