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Minerva McGonagall
04 Oct 1935
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Born before WWII, the world that Minerva grew up in was a very different place. Her mother was a witch, a woman who had felt forced to choose between her love of a religious man, and her abilities, and the unhappiness that resulted from it was something that Minerva internalised as one of her very first lessons.

Eventually though, due to Minerva herself - clearly destined to be a talented witch even from infancy - her father was brought into the family secret. He took it stoically, remained with his wife, but they were never again as close as they had been, and she took solace in Minerva and her two younger brothers as her marriage became a shell of itself, a testament to obligation and the impossibility of merging the muggle and magical worlds.

At eleven, she received her Hogwarts invitation. Though forever thirsty for knowledge, the resilience her family situation had built in her broke the hatstall on Gryffindor's side, and she proceeded to throw herself into her schooling with the conscientious, insatiable attitude of a girl determined to better herself above the station she'd expected - both for herself, and for the life her mother had given up.

Her thirst for learning and her take-charge attitude had her labelled as bossy and overachieving, but Minerva quickly acquired a thick skin to complement her oldest-child mindset. She studied hard, found her greatest talent in transfiguration, and harangued Dumbledore - the transfiguration professor at the time - for extra lessons in order to become an animagus. At the time, it was a mark of a skilled wizard, only attempted by the very best; Minerva found it easy, and concluded that the rumours were started by puffed-up, self-important wizards who wanted to appear impressive, or to stave off the eventual assumption of questionable sexual hijinks.

Mostly due to her tenacity and old Headmaster Dippet being rather afraid of her typical Scottish forthright manner, Minerva was named Head Girl in her final year, which she balanced with playing on the Gryffindor Quidditch team - though unfortunately, not particularly well, which she made up for with a great deal of enthusiasm, leading to an eventual concussion and several broken ribs. From the desire not to sacrifice any more braincells, she gave the game up in favour of becoming a lifelong supporter and holding an almighty grudge against Slytherin house for the rest of time.

The summer after leaving Hogwarts - which she did, naturally, having achieved a ridiculous number of NEWTs - Minerva acquired her first boyfriend. After spending her whole school career with a laser beam focus on her academics, she was unprepared for the realities of interpersonal relationships, and she fell in love quickly and nonsensically, despite knowing he was a muggle and having little in common with him. When he proposed marriage, she accepted -- but a day later broke it off when she realised she was about to walk down the same path her mother had regretfully all those years ago.

Instead, Minerva went to London and joined the Ministry, taking a job as a trainee Auror. Though she excelled at it, the day to day grind left her unfulfilled and unchallenged, and she returned to Hogwarts after two years with the MLE to take a post as a transfiguration professor there, and the First Wizarding War broke out shortly after.

She continued to teach as all around her the magical world fell into darkness and disarray, and was one of the first to join Dumbledore's newly-created Order of the Phoenix to battle Voldemort - as well as one of the few members other than him to escape the war unscathed by permanent injury.

A year after, having been proposed to multiple times by Elphinsone Urquart - once her boss in MLE who'd admired her talent and had been loathe to lose her to teaching - she finally accepted and was married. She was fond of him; they were friends and intellectual equals, but there was no passion and she had gone through with it mostly in grief, loneliness and regret after the death of her first love, as well as all the loss she had suffered and seen throughout the war. For three years, they were companions, until Elphinstone was poisoned by a Venomous Tentacula bite and passed away.

Disappointment in her personal life was a given by that point, and Minerva took solace in her academic pursuits and in her students, taking the position of Head of Gryffindor. Throughout her time as a professor, she was known to be strict but fair, a constant and steady presence, and never more so than during the outbreak of the Second Wizarding War. She had always suspected it was a matter of when, not if, but even Minerva could never have imagined how the Ministry turned on its own people, how someone like Umbridge could seize power at her beloved school, how Dumbledore could be murdered in cold blood by one of her own colleagues. Though she often questioned his methods and the reckless child endangerment he engaged in during his tenure as Headmaster, their many years of association had endeared him to her, and he was the closest person in her life following her husband's death.

Arguably, Minerva played one of the largest roles in the defence of Hogwarts during the final battle, mobilising the statues to fight, and leading the other teachers and older students against the tide of Death Eaters. Months after it was finished, having overseen the rebuilding of the school, she finally took the position of Headmistress for the new term, a job which she continues to do even as she approaches seventy years old. Long-lived as witches and wizards tend to be, she is still as sharp and strict as ever, though her sarcasm and refusal to bow before any particularly stupid Department of Education requests continue to endear her to each successive generation of students.

She also still really gets a kick out of beating Slytherin at Quidditch.

Magical Status Form

Magical Status: ANIMAGUS

Animagus Form & Distinguishing Marks: Tabby cat with black markings around her eyes that resemble the spectacles she wears in human form.

Animagus Form Elaboration: Independent, intelligent, and solitary, Minerva is very much like a cat. She relies on her own judgement at all times, and rarely seeks out the companionship of others unless she has a specific purpose.

List the 3 most serious mishaps that animagus endured in training::
1) Siamese Twin -- The first - and arguably most embarrassing - mishap occurred early in her training, when Minerva morphed back into her human form only to find a cat attached to her spine, meowing mindlessly like an animate backpack. She still has a scar there from where Dumbledore had to remove it in order to allow her to go back to classes.

2) Muscular Atrophy -- After one particularly gruelling session, Minerva's muscles remained weak and flaccid, almost too pathetic to support her own weight. She had to be helped to the hospital wing, where she spent three weeks recovering, and doing an awful lot of reading.

3) Absorbed Clothes -- During her Auror training, exhausted from the physical demands of the job, she transformed without paying proper attention to the procedure and ended up with her clothes inside her body. Fortunately, her colleagues rushed her to St Mungo's, and other than a missed day of work and a great deal of embarrassment, she managed to escape the occurrence otherwise unscathed.


9.5", Fir, Dragon heartstring

Educational History

Hogwarts, Gryffindor, 1947-1954

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Maggie Smith

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