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Angus Macmillan
Beast Hunter & Poacher
18 Aug 1961
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Stoic and hard to read from the very beginning, Angus came into the world without so much as a cry. The only evidence of his displeasure was a low, chewy grumbling noise, one that the nurse ignored while she cooed over him and prodded him for measurements. He wasn't three minutes old yet when he punched her in the face. Granted, it was a baby punch, so it didn't quite have the intended effect, but at least it got the message across. It was like this for the first two weeks, not a sound out of him aside from the occasional low level groaning, until the fifteenth day of life he found his voice and SCREAMED with such force he might've been demonically possessed.

Possessed of a grave, grumbly mien punctuated by a few moments of explosive temper, Angus typically did not get along with others. Though he did try to be a responsible older brother to all his siblings, sometimes they (or one in particular) could be little shits, and sometimes taking a sledgehammer to someone's door with a feral scream was the only way to make a point. Usually though, Angus was pretty calm, if a bit (a lot) grumpy and skeptical of authority. He tended to keep his explosive temper in check by staying endlessly busy with physical activity. Even though they were magic, he found arduous, menial tasks relaxing, like chopping firewood, carrying bricks and mortaring them, and playing pretend Siberian slave miners. Intensely proud of his Scottish heritage, he also began practicing his caber tossing, shot putting, and hammer throwing as a young boy and participates in the highland games whenever he can.

He also really likes Aquaman.

In Hogwarts he was sorted into Gryffindor and he joined the quidditch team as a beater, where he managed to shatter the bones of several other players on the opposing teams. He did moderately well in most of his classes--not exceptional, but he was a hard worker and serious minded. The only classes he did poorly in were Herbology (he seemed to kill every plant he touched somehow) and Divination. His best class by far was Care of Magical Creatures, mostly because most of the beasts tended to cow around him and he could get them to do whatever he wanted.

He occasionally got into fights when others would push him over the edge. His vision would tint red, and he'd suddenly find himself pummeling the shit out of them. After an incident in his first year, he was given detention for the rest of the year, which consisted of him doing things like cleaning, mowing the grass, and going outside and chopping back bits of the Forbidden Forest. On one excursion in the Forbidden Forest, he even managed to wrestle a wolf with his bare hands. Frankly, he loved it.

After Hogwarts, he joined the Ministry of Magic as a beastmaster, but after receiving several citations for being "too rough" with the beasts he eventually migrated over to the dragon wranglers. Being a pureblood and all, his parents kept trying to set him up with other purebloods, which was kind of a relief because he wasn't good with women. His demeanor tended to be too unfriendly and intense. Eventually, after a string of failed dates, he met Mary Longbottom, a Professor of Magical Theory at Hogwarts, and the two genuinely fell for one another. It was his wife who suggested, given his work with animals, he might like to be one, and she began training him to be an animagus. (She possibly had other reasons as well, but let's not go into them here >.>) They had one child together, a girl named Zoe.

Angus did well in his job for many, many years until one fateful day when his temper got the best of him and three dragons were found decapitated while under his "care." Due to his years of service, they didn't outright fire him, but he was banned from working with dragons and beasts. Instead, he was transferred to a job as a Disposal of Magical Creatures Executioner. He wasn't happy with the change, which was obviously a result of the English being racist assholes, but he carried out his job dutifully, using it to work out his pent up frustrations.

After his wife was killed in the Battle of Hogwarts, Angus went a little crazy. After destroying everything that came within a 20 foot radius of him, he quit his work at the Ministry and began to work as an independent hunter and supplier of rare, magical creatures. While most of his trade is legal, a portion of it is made off of poaching restricted species and he deals regularly with blackmarket components.

Magical Status Form

Magical Status: ANIMAGUS

Animagus Form & Distinguishing Marks: Rhino with big, buggy hollow eyes

Animagus Form Elaboration: Like rhinos, Angus is generally harmless yet explosively dangerous and unpredictable when provoked. He's also a big, tough mofo with a singular, tunnel-vision rage when angry, much like the act of charging someone and goring them.

List the 3 most serious mishaps that animagus endured in training::
1) Animal Part -- One time during his training, Angus changed back to human form to find he had gigantic club feet and rhino toes. This lasted for several weeks, and he wore giant boots to work in order to cover them up.

2) Bone Deformity -- At one point, Angus transformed back with lumpy bone growths over his face and body, making his look much like the Elephant Man for several weeks. During this time, he refused to see anyone (which didn't necessarily stop everyone) and used up a bunch of his vacation time from work. He wasn't quite healed when he got back, but he used a stinging curse on his face and feigned some rare illness until the effects subsided.

3) Skin Folds -- An unfortunate side effect of transforming into something so much bigger was all the extra folds of crusty, rhino skin he was left with upon one transformation back. This one was relatively easier to deal with and took two weeks of shrinking charms and cocoa butter to heal.


Hornbeam, 14", dragon heartstring

Educational History

Hogwarts, Gryffindor, 1972-1979

Face Claim

Michael Shannon

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