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Ministry of Magic
Darragh Owain
Magical Law Enforcement
Senior Hitwizard
29 Feb 1960
PLAYER | Claira
Ever since the day he was born, Darragh was known to be intimidating force to be reckon with. Darragh was born to the Owain family, a backwoods pureblood family who were known to be a very reserved family that kept to themselves as much as possible; even going as far as having a farmhouse far away from any civilization. Truly in the middle of bumfuck nowhere. He had an older brother and a younger sister, who kept him company so he was never truly alone. The family mainly used magic for all their wants and needs and only going into town for any necessities that couldn’t be offered by magic.

Darragh grew up playing in the woods the majority of the time and it was one day he stumbled upon an abandoned crossbow. Granted, it wasn’t really abandoned because the owner was too busy taking a leak somewhere else but nonetheless Darragh took custody of the unit and hid it well away from his parents, in a small dead space behind the shelves in the basement. This was the beginning of an expansive collection of random objects anything ranging from common houseware like rotary phones, blenders and toasters to the muggle technology like cassette players, radios and later on, video game consoles. His brother and sister kept his collection a secret and named all the random objects like “thing-a-ma-bob” and “spinny-plastic-banana-dad”, etc.

When it was time to depart for school, Darragh was disheartened to go but would soon realize that it would all be worth it. For whatever reason the Sorting Hat would have thought and he would find out later on in life, he was sorted into Gryffindor, the house of the daring and brave. For every friend he made, he made about three to five enemies due to his brash exterior behavior. But those who really got to know him, realized he was just a goofy kid who had some serious attentive issues.

War was frightening, especially for a kid who was just starting out in school. It wasn’t the fact that he was scared for himself, but he was more terrified for his family at home like his little sister and his parents. At the end of the first year, he was relieved to find everyone in one piece; the second, he wasn’t so lucky. He and his brother were picked up by their grandparents who had told them that in a crossfire their farmhouse was burned down with everyone in it. He became distant, harsh, and more so focused on his abilities as a hunter and a wizard so he could avenge his family. Managing to pass the O.W.L.S, Darragh chose the path of a sniper hitwizard a career choice he thought would flaunt his abilities to kick ass and stealth in perfect harmony. Witch watching was out of his league, because there was no way he could keep a charade for so long if need be.

After the first war, Darragh continued working as a hitwizard, though he started back up his collection of muggle, mundane items which is now bigger than ever before. He dated here and there, but they never lasted very long. The only long lasting relationship he has with as of now is with his cat.

When the second world war came around, Darragh helped with the rebellion; lending his prowess in tracking and trapping. His major role was sniping and ambushing death eaters and snatchers alike, whilst tracking down muggleborns and their families to bring them to safe havens. He didn’t go without sacrifice however. Darragh suffered some injuries, but not enough to keep a good man down. Nowadays if Darragh is not being a hitwizard, he’s hunting or collecting more mundane items.


Wand is 12” Blackthorn with a Dragon Heartstring Core

Educational History

Hogwarts, Gryffindor, 1970-1977

Face Claim

Norman Reedus

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