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Ministry of Magic
Cordelia Fillion
Magical Law Enforcement
Senior Auror
15 Apr 1970
PLAYER | Claira
It was rumored that it was a stormy day that Cordelia was born; and when she came out of her mother’s womb the sun broke through the clouds and a double rainbow had casted itself over the hospital. Cordelia was born to Dominick Fillion and Samantha Prue-Fillion, a pureblood couple who happened to be related to the “Fillions”: the notably reckless, daring, halfblood family. Or “savages” she likes to call them – with the exception of Aston, who she honestly thought her brother that her parents were keeping secret -, but nonetheless she loved them deep within the cockles of her heart.

Growing up, Cordelia was often shadowed by her darkly talented cousins, but her presence was nearly just as known. She was by definition, a true lady; prim and proper to the core. But it wasn’t the properness of this girl that made her known like her skill in various forms of fighting techniques. In fact, one time when helping out her Aunt Agatha with some outside chores, she managed to subdue a belligerent bull and afterwards made some afternoon tea. When school came around, the Scottish lady was sent off to her mother’s alma mater, Beauxbatons.

Upon graduation, she had a general idea of what she wanted to do. She heard that Aurors were being classified as the twinks of the Magical Law Enforcement Department – the boring ones. Now Cordelia didn’t join them because she thought it’d be the most smooth sailing job compared to the others, but the challenge of single-handedly changing the image of the Aurors tickled her fancy. The Hitwizard crew had so much sass, so much flavor and the Witch Watchers? Those kinky bastards. Even the Investigators had more enticing flavor than the Aurors and that was saying something. Cordelia past her classes, enrolled into the program and did her time, coming a full fledge Auror.

Between the time she became an Auror and the second war, Cordelia had dabbled in the art of romance; going anywhere from going on blind dates to speed dating to see if she could find an appropriate partner. Unfortunately, through all the trials and errors, she eventually gave up and committed to the notion of retiring from the Aurors and presumably the Ministry as a polyamorous spinster.

As the Second Wizarding War hit and the Ministry taken over, Cordelia treaded lightly to ensure the safety of her family. It was said that during the war, Cordelia had an infamous poker face: her innate ability to make those believe her façade as she ripped the rug from underneath them. With being a primed pureblood youth, she made close “friends” with some of the Death Eaters and Snatchers, making deals and false promises that she claimed full innocence on things like “there was no way that she could have known there was going to be a group of rebel soldiers there”. She fought to buy muggleborns, muggles, and halfbloods alike time to escape and towards the end, assisted in the orchestration of rescuing her cousin, Rose. One of her biggest regrets was when Aston swapped sides, believing that it may have been her fault that he joined the Knights.

After the war, Cordelia helped her family out in any way, shape, or form. She started to take teaching lessons on the side to help assist her in landing an instructor career in the Ministry and most of all is currently trying to find a way into the Hollows to find her little cousin. Until then, she'll continue to tote her lacy parasol, wear her small, dainty gloves, and rave on at midnight.


12¾" Alder wand with a Unicorn hair core

Educational History

Beauxbatons, 1981-1988

Face Claim

Jemima Kirke

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