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RP Style Questionnaire

What are your favorite types of characters to play?
Dunno off-hand.

What are your favorite types of plots or relationships in RP?
I dunno off-hand.

What's your preferred post length? Preferred thread length?
That tends to vary wildly. On a medievalish fantasy site I’m on, I’d say 1k words or more for intro posts and between 400-600 words for replies. I tend to put a lot of detail and introspection in to fantasy posts. But outside that genre…I dunno. I can write a lot but I don’t always do so. Then again, sometimes I do.

How often do you post?
Usually at least a couple of times a week; sometimes daily, if I’m really into the thread and feel like posting and have the time to sit down and be left alone long enough to do so.

How long should a writing partner wait before nudging you to respond to a thread?
I’d say a week. After that, just throw something at my head and see if it clunks. XD

How do you feel about rapidfire?
Eh…I dunno. Again, it really depends on different things. I’ve done back-and-forth before but I wouldn’t necessarily call them rapid-fires. I prefer to take the time to actually write out my posts, though sometimes I just end up throwing up a post rather swiftly.

How do you feel about group threads?
I like group threads. The only problem I’ve found is that large groups tend to require a LOT of reading, especially if a lot of things are going on all at once. The other major problem is waiting on people to post. I do like having a post order, as it helps with organization, but I’d really prefer no more than a couple of partners in a story - say, four people max (including myself).

How much pre-planning vs. spontaneity do you like in your plots? Do you prefer to stick to the script or to deal with surprise curveballs?
I think a mix is necessary. I like to have some idea of what I’m getting into and what’s going on, but writing out every little detail of a plot, you might as well just write out the RP.

What's your comfort level regarding graphic scenes w/ violence, drug use, sex, etc? Any limits?
Only real limit I have is over child abuse, molestation, and the like. Actual rape is sort of a touchy subject, so I’unno; definitely wouldn’t want my character to go down that route. The only way I’d maybe do the latter is via FTB and one hell of a plot - which brings me to sex. I don’t mind getting right up to the edge of decency but full-on hard-core stuff…yeah, no. I also don’t really like animal abuse, although a killing curse or something directed at one is a little bit different in my opinion; I dunno, could be it’s just easier to deal with that way? Oh, and anything with, like…bees and wasps. Just no. Not ever. I will murder you while you sleep.

What are some RP habits/styles/etc. that you love?

What are some RP habits/styles/etc. that you avoid?
Um…the ones that I don’t love?

Is there anything else you'd like your writing partners to know about you?
Yes. I’m really a magical unicorn in disguise. I will stab you with my horn, and then you will sparkle like a Twihard forevermore.

DRARRY: Who tops?
Draco. He’s gotta be the one in control - sadistic, dominating, and making Harry beg for every last scrap of affection.

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