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Ministry of Magic
Genevieve Hollenbeck
Magical Law Enforcement
Director of Training
05 Apr 1952
PLAYER | Claira
Genevieve Hollenbeck was once an average woman, who was known to be a considerably kind and courteous.

Back in the States, she was the oldest of three and was an adorable Southern belle. Her manners were on point, perfection was a stressful given. Her father was a lawyer whilst her mother was a stay-at-home mom, one that Gene had always dreamt of becoming one, ever since she was very young. But those dreams soon buried themselves deep into her psyche when her magic started to show. At first, her parents were in shock, but gotten over it believing that being this ecstatic about magic would die down after her graduation and she would go back to the mundane ways. But for now, she continued schooling until she was eleven where she went to the Salem Witches Institute. There Genevieve grew to be a very influential and talented witch, passing her grades with high marks; she made friends, helped them and many others with practice and homework, essentially becoming her class’ den mother.

Upon graduation, and to the misfortune of her parents, Genevieve went into the Witch Watcher training program, studying and training arduously to become the very best she could be. Hearing that the Ministry of Magic over in Great Britain was in trouble and at war with a Dark Lord, Genevieve volunteered to assist the effort overseas. There she proved her talents true; acquired information, espionage, assassinations, etc. During her stay, she did meet a handsome hitwizard whom she grown very close with and after the war was fought and won, she spent some time with him before returning home. This didn’t last very long and Evelyn found herself transferring over to the Ministry so she could be with him.

Genevieve married, hunkered down and even had a couple of children with him. She was happy. Content. She dropped out of the Witch Watcher profession and transferred her talents to being a training instructor so she could spend more time with her family.

When the Second Wizarding War struck, Genevieve lost her husband and children to the Death Eaters who came through and destroyed her hard work. Emotionally wrecked and with absolutely nothing to lose, Genevieve became a reckless force of nature that wasn’t to be reckon with. No matter how hard she would try to get herself killed, she only came out stronger. At the end of the war, all she had was her name, a high body count, and a hole in her heart in which could never be filled. When the Director of Training who had left their role for reasons, she took over the position and continued on. After days of watching parents and child getting together, playing, eating lunch in the cafeteria, etc., Genevieve decided it was time to start anew, a new chapter in her life. She adopted Charles Gander a child, who much like herself, lost his family and saw that the path he was taking was much like her own. So when she’s not creating training plans, looking over propositions, budget changes, she’s trying to spend as much time with Charlie as she can.


12" Cedar Wand with a Phoenix Feather Core

Educational History

Ilvermorny, 1964-1971

Face Claim

Melissa McBride

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