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Ministry of Magic
Nazira Ayers
Magical Law Enforcement
Armoury Potioneer
02 Sep 1980
PLAYER | Claira
How they met would remind you of a cheesy, teenage romance story. Amira Malik was a pretentious know-it-all pureblood who was out looking for a wealthy dreamboat that any parent would approve of. Mark Ayers was a stoner Quidditch player who was just honestly having a good time. They met during a Quidditch match, where Mark’s team was playing for the championship. When they came across each other that night, he was smitten by her beauty and seemingly down-to-earth attitude; all while Amira was just assuming he was a pureblood (because what hot Wimbourne Wasp chaser was a muggleborn?). They went onto numerous dates and the couple where hitting it off quite nicely. When Amira came to find out the truth of his blood status (by meeting his rowdy, nonmagical parents), she promptly broke it off. Mark, devastated, wouldn’t have it and stood in front of her bedroom window, holding up a beaten up boombox proudly over his head as he proclaimed his love to her. The two had eventually reconciled.

After marriage, a three month honeymoon, and getting their life together, Amira and Mark were ready to have their first child. But after two years of trying, they turned to a fertility doctor when they learned that Amira was sterile. Mark looked into adoption; putting in applications and searching for those who wish to give their children to a better home. That was when they stumbled upon a pureblood woman who was pregnant with a muggle’s child. Mark and Amira agreed to adopt her unborn child, signed the papers, and paid for her hospital expenses.

Then Nazira Ayers was born.

Amira had already been armed with a name, choosing to name Nazira after her great grandmother. Growing up with a father that’s a journalist for the Daily Prophet and a mother who is always on the go for her job, the youngster found that each day was new and exciting. She traveled a lot and along the way, Nazira learned new languages, cultures, habits, hobbies, etc. By the time she attended her first year at Hogwarts she was fluent in three different languages, an avid adventurer, and all around a well learned child.

In Hogwarts, Nazira was sorted into Hufflepuff. At first it came as a surprise since she thought herself more studious than patient; but the more she socialized with her other housemates and caused friendly mischief, the more she could see why she was more of a badger than anything. As the school years progressed she had excelled at potions and charms, but had difficulties in divination.

In 1997 was when the Muggleborn Registration Act was put into effect by the Ministry of Magic and like everyone else’s, her life went downhill. Her father had been one of the first to been taken in and imprisoned at Azkaban. Since Nazira was adopted, it was difficult for her and her mother to prove that she was a halfblood and that her biological mother was a pureblood. She was also sentenced to be jailed in Azkaban.

Along the way, the transport vehicle she was in was ambushed. But before the Alliance rebels could get to the group of prisoners, Nazira was dragged off into the woods by a surviving Snatcher to be used as a hostage. She managed to escape and wandered deeper into the woods. After a few days of running around in the forest, she was found and taken in by the Alliance. In return for letting her stay, she brewed potions, created salves, etc. to aid in their fights.

After Voldemort was destroyed and the Death Eaters gone, Nazira returned back home along with her father. But after a year in the dementors’ care, he was too far gone and was committed to the mental ward at St. Mungo’s. She resumed school as normal as it could get, but her mother couldn’t continue on like Nazira could. By the time she came back home for Winter Break, her mother was gone and the redhead had to defend herself; taking on random jobs to help pay for food, necessities, etc.

Upon graduation, she immediately took up a position in the Ministry as a potioneer. Nazira regularly checks on her father, finding that some days he’s okay and others, not so great. When she’s not creating potions for the Ministry, she’s mostly looking up and testing potion theories, trying to come up with new concoctions to help ease her father’s symptoms in hopes of getting him home.

Naz is a naïve, spunky girl who still has much to learn about people. An optimist, she always looks on the bright side of things and constantly looks for the good in people. She never really shies away from anything or any sort of challenge unless it could be viewed as morally wrong or anything erotic. Or until she gives in to peer pressure.

She’s not afraid to stand up for herself or others; and will fight for them until the end. Because everyone overlooks her mental prowess for her kind, “fluffy” exterior, she’s not afraid to use people’s assumptions against them to gain the upper hand. Nazira is studious and will constantly find something new to learn, and has travelled the world to do so.

Nazira is slender built with blazing red hair and icy eyes. She’s never really done a push up in her entire life and is not fit to be in a physical fight. Because of her job as a potioneer, she constantly wears her hair up in braids, ponytails, buns, etc. to keep her hair out of her face. Outside of her work robes, in public Naz’s favorite go-tos are crop tops, sweaters, band t-shirts, skinny jeans (with or without holes), canvas shoes, sneakers, and boots. But always, she will have her cassette player and her hip purse that has an extension charm on it.

At home she’s a real fan of sweats.


10½ Apple Wand with a Phoenix Feather core

Educational History

Hogwarts, Hufflepuff, 1991-1998

Face Claim

Sophie Turner

Additional Notes

+ Nazira has a Northern Inuit dog named Skadi, named after the Nordic Goddess of Winter.
+ Nazira is fluent in Hindi, Arabic, Mandarin, & Italian; intermediate in German, Russian, Greek, & Latin; beginner in Japanese, Swahili, & Spanish.



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