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Ministry of Magic
Abigail Eaton
Magical Law Enforcement
Hitwizard Specialist: Sniper
16 Apr 1974
Abby has always been what people called 'spirited.' Occasionally that was even considered a compliment. She had a ton of energy, and while she was always good-natured, it was a lot for her young, unmarried mother to deal with, which was how Abby ended up dumped on her grandparents porch early one morning at four years old, with a note and a lot of apologies.

Her grandparents, having raised several children of their own, handled Abby's energy a lot better, channeling it into sports and dance and other such activities. Abby was a happy kid, despite her rocky start, and while her schoolwork always suffered for her sporting activities, well, she still squeaked by.

The entire family was in for a surprise when she got her Hogwarts letter, however, but they took it with the sort of stoic acceptance of people who had been around long enough not to be phased by the weirdness of the world. Besides, leave it to Abby to be not just a handful, but a witch on top of it.

Abby loved Hogwarts and threw herself enthusiastically into the experience. She was always eager to try new things, and she loved Quidditch, despite sustaining a number of fairly serious injuries. Like primary school, her grades weren't the best, but they weren't terrible either. Abby was smart, if she just applied herself.

Going to school between the two wizarding wars kept her from the worst of the muggleborn prejudice, but she still experienced it here and there. It was something of a reality check for her the first time it happened, but she grew a thick skin to it by her seventh year.

She'd planned to go into professional Quidditch after school, but it was during her seventh year that she injured her knee. The injury itself might not have kept her out of the league, not with magical healing available, but she waited too long to get it checked out, wanting to finish the game and then celebrate their win afterward. She chucked a filched pain potion to get through the fun, but it didn't do anything for the actual damage and that was the end of those aspirations.

She spent a little time being depressed about that, and at a loss as to what else to do with her life. She went back to the muggle world after school, but she found it dull and lackluster compared to a life amidst wizards. Eventually one of her school chums suggested she join them in the world of Magical Law Enforcement, and so she did, joining up with the Hitwizards.

Despite her bum knee, she was still in excellent physical shape, and she took to the training quite well. She was just finishing up her training when rumors of Voldemort's return began to circulate, and she decided to take up a specialty: sniper training. She'd always been good with aim and accuracy, and with some training, her range progressively increased.

During the second war, she joined the resistance, leaving the Ministry to work in secret when the Death Eaters took over. It was no place for a muggleborn, and most particularly one who hated everything Voldemort stood for. Things were touch and go for the next couple of years, including a brush with snatchers that was a little too close for comfort. The truth was, however, that Abby thrived on all of it.

In the midst of all of this, she met Charlie Eaton. Abby had never considered herself the sort to fall in love, she thought love was a weakness she couldn't afford in her line of work. Charlie got her to rethink that position, without even trying. She was helplessly in love with him and when the war ended and he asked her to marry him, she didn't even consider saying no. They were married in 1999 and she couldn't possibly have been happier.

She got her job back at the Ministry, continued learning and training, taking whatever missions were offered. Voldemort was dead, but Gregor Bishop lived on, a more cunning and dangerous opponent.

Despite the risk inherent in her position, she's happily employed, happily married, and ever enthusiastic and optimistic about the future.


Redwood; 13"; Unicorn Hair

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Hogwarts, Gryffindor, 1985-1992

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