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Ministry of Magic
Lavender Brown
Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures
Werewolf Capture Unit Member
04 Apr 1980
Lavender was the oldest of three siblings and the only girl. As such, her mother doted on her, and her father as well, though she was too good natured to really be called spoiled. The family was wealthy, but not ostentatiously so, and Lavender's childhood was fairly uneventful.

She got her Hogwarts letter as expected and she started school with the famous Harry Potter, being sorted into Gryffindor as well. Lavender knew the stories, but she was too young to know a lot about the war, so she didn't really pay Harry any mind. In fact, she formed a fast friendship with some of the other Gryffindor girls, including Parvati Patil, but excluding Hermione Granger. Not that she didn't like Hermione, but they didn't really have much in common, and Hermione was always off with the boys anyway.

Lavender's school career was far more eventful than she would have liked, an unfortunate side effect of being in the same year as Harry. If it wasn't basilisks it was the Triwizard Tournament, always something to disrupt their education. Lavender was no Ravenclaw, and she had to study quite a bit harder to keep up in the face of these instances.

She didn't blame Harry, exactly, but it was hard not to sigh whenever something else happened. At least, until their sixth year, when she started to notice boys. Oh, not Harry, but Ron ... well, she embarrassed herself utterly over that crush of hers. She still turns pink when she sees him in the halls.

She changed a lot in the following years, leaving behind her girlish infatuation and her interest in such arcane fields as Divination. Seeing Voldemort's return and the chaos it caused was sobering to the teen, though in retrospect that might have been a blessing. Her newfound seriousness and first hand witnessing of these events only made her more compassionate and opened her eyes to the plight of muggleborns and muggles alike.

As a pureblood herself, she stayed at school while the Carrows were there, but she saw enough to know that this wasn't the kind of witch she wanted to be. It disgusted her, but she thought she could better fight from within, and she stuck by her fellow Gryffindors through the worst of it, even making herself a target from time to time. Her blood status only allowed her so much leeway, after all.

She fought in the Battle of Hogwarts, finding a strange sort of peace in the fight - at least, until Fenrir Greyback took her down. She still remembers the pain, the rake of his claws, the stench of his breath, with alarming clarity, and while she wasn't turned her penchant for nearly raw meat is a reminder of how close she came.

She spent some time recuperating after the war, physically and mentally, before joining the Ministry, first as a Werewolf Registrar, and then eventually becoming a part of the Werewolf Capture Unit. She didn't want anyone else to have to suffer as she did, and while Fenrir was gone, his ilk still lived on.

Canon RP Sample

She'd never realized that a fight could be so noisy. People screamed as they fought and fell, huge chunks of stone cracked and shattered to the ground, explosion after explosion rocked the school grounds. Lavender ran through the halls, trying to find a target in all the chaos.

When she saw Fenrir menacing one of the other students, she stopped, her wand out but her hand trembling. They'd trained to fight in Dumbledore's Army, but she remembered with sudden clarity the essay she'd had to write when Snape was their Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Particularly the part that said werewolves were resistant to magic.

If she hesitated much longer, however, it would be too late for the cowering student in front of him and so she dug deep for her courage and cast a stunning spell at him. It hit him squarely in the back, and while he wasn't stunned, he was diverted from his prey, turning instead to her.

He growled low in his throat as he pounced, and Lavender leapt backward, casting a spell to take out the ground beneath him. It worked, but she'd misjudged his alacrity, and as he sailed over the hole in the ground, she knew she was in trouble. She tried to cast a shield, but he was on top of her by then, pinning her to the ground.

She hit her head so hard she saw stars, and the feel of his claws digging into her skin burned like fire. She felt her wand roll out of her grasp and then Fenrir was showing his teeth, coming for her throat - and then everything exploded into chaos, then blackness.

It was only later that she found out that she owed her life to Hermione Granger.

*NOTE - Lavender has scars across the right side of her face, neck, and torso due to the attack by Fenrir Greyback. She takes potions to keep them covered up most of the time.





Hawthorn; 9";Unicorn Hair

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Hogwarts, Gryffindor, 1991-1998

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Stephanie Bertram Rose

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