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Ophelia Kershaw
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08 Mar 1978
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She's had a perfect youth. Sure, she was always a bit of a shy girl when she was younger. Secretly she always was a bit jealous of her outgoing little brother. But her years at Hogwarts improved this a lot. As she was learning her magic abilities, and proved her skills and intelligence, her confidence grew as well. She never had to work too hard to get good grades. Especially not with potions and charms. Getting great scores on her O.W.Ls and N.E.W.Ts. She had a nice group of friends with whom she enjoyed her school years a lot.

After school she returned home. Her father Don had turned ill. He ran a apothecary in the local village. Although it never was proved, he probably got affected after working years with toxic ingredients. He never cared much for safety measures, that's for sure. Ophelia wanted to be close to help her mother taking care of him. And maybe, she was also a little scared to live her life on her own in a time that got darker and darker. She found it comforting to stay home for a little while.

But a little while became a long while. Her father was still sick, although his situation was fairly stable. To kill some time (they did live in this terribly boring small village) she started working at the local wizarding book store. Days were slow and she got to read a lot. By now, she knows almost every spell, hex or potion there is. She never put much of her knowlegde in practice however. Apart from some household magic, she never felt like challenging herself into doing magic that she saw no use for.

As the Second World War was growing more intense, she was sure to stay put with her parents. And after that. She stayed. Year after year. One day, seven years after she left school, she finished another book. She closed it and looked up. Then she realised that this wasn't living. This was not was she was meant to do. Her father had died in 1999. Which was horribly sad. She stayed for her mother. But on that particular day she no longer saw a reason to stay there. She lost touch with her friends. Hardly spoke to anyone her age, actually. It really was time to move on.

Although she was terrified, unsure how to stand on her own to feet she applied at the Ministry of Magic. She got a job as O.W.L. examinor. Not quite sure if this was really the job for her, she took it anyway. She was ready to take a new step into an unfamiliar world. Well, not entirely, she still lives at her mothers. But let's hope for a bit of adventure in London!
Ophelia has always been a bit of a shy and introvert girl. At school she had a handful of very close friends she felt she could open up to. This really helped boost her confidence. Around her friends she was funny, sharp and wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. She really is a kind of person that needs people around to put problems into perspective and stop her from completely live in her head.

Returning home, after school, and living a quiet life with just her parents around, she became her old shy self again. Her life has been on hold for about seven years. In that period she has been caring for her father. After he passed she was there to mentally support her mother. The passing of her father has been extremely difficult on her; he was her biggest fan and supported her no matter what. Losing him caused a lot of grief. But not having a lot of people around while dealing with that it became a very difficult process, which still weighs heavy on her heart.

Starting to work at the ministry she really has to adjust. She needs to get her head out of the clouds and out of the books. Grow some confidence. She is a smart and a skillful witch. She just forgot about that because she has been wasting away in a bookshop. She needs to actually meet people and catch up on her lost early-twenties years. Problem is, she finds that extremely difficult, resulting in social anxiety and awkward situations.
Ophelia lookes tall and slender. She usually has a lot of hear around her face, which makes it difficult to see it from time to time. This actually goes for her complete appearance, she never wears anything that makes her stand out of the crowd. With a pensieve look her big, brown eyes observe everything.



She currently is still living in her parents cottage with her mother.




Black walnut with unicorn hair, 14 ½"

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Hogwarts, Ravenclaw, 1989-1996

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Lou de Laâge

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