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Ministry of Magic
Marion Dangerfield
Magical Law Enforcement
Veteran Training Instructor
06 Nov 1948
6' 2"
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Contrary to what one might expect, Marion was not always a badass motherfucker. With a girly name and scrawny for his age, he was the target of much childhood teasing. His father, Tracy Dangerfield, had in a segregated all black airborne division during WWII and had always insisted that it was challenges and diversity that made people strong. Each times they moved around from base to base growing up, Marion reinvented himself. Each time he grew more assertive, more strident and outspoken. It probably helped that several of those who teased him inexplicably had strange, embarrassing things happen to them shortly afterwards.

At home, his mother ruled the household. Her pregnancy with him had been fraught with complications, and she never failed to let him know it. For that reason, he was an only child.

In 1959, Marion received his feather from Ravenwood. Dream messengers had been sent to his parents as well to help convince them that their son wasn't completely crazy. It wasn't a difficult choice to allow Marion to attend. Although they would miss him, American schools had only recently been desegregated, and the unrest of the Civil Rights period was beginning to boil over.

Marion pushed himself hard in school, having grown up knowing that black men had to work harder to earn respect and recognition. That was a simple fact. Everything he did, he did with vehemence--school, sports, swearing, dating. Not much fighting anymore because by those days, he exuded an aura of don't-fuck-with-me-ness. Upon graduation he joined the MACUSA's military arm and would've stayed there except for one little thing.

The draft.

In 1969, he went to Vietnam, and he spent the minimum time of 2 years there. Before he left, he married a Vietnamese woman, and they both came back to the USA in 1971 and had a child in 1972. Marion joined the MACUSA's military branch and did several tours of duty in the UK to help out in the First Wizarding War. Marion tried to be home whenever he could, but it was hard to ignore all the asses that needed kicking. Over the years, the marriage dissolved, and they divorced in 1977. He has married and divorced a second time since then without children.

After over two decades of service, Marion was feeling ready to move on to something else. In 1992, he joined Ravenwood as a teacher. There, he met several kids who he would come to him for help in fighting the Second War. Hitting up an old friend, he joined the Rabble Alliance in the Second Wizarding War. After things calmed down, Marion became an MLE instructor to help whip the trainees into shape and make up for the revolving door of mostly shitty DADA professors in Hogwarts.


14", Spruce, Dragon Heartstring

Educational History

Ravenwood, 1959-1967

Face Claim

Samuel L. Jackson

Additional Notes

Does not drink.



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