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Ministry of Magic
Astrid Macmillan
Magical Law Enforcement
MLE Office Receptionist
27 Jul 1980
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Growing up as the girl whose father fucked a corpse was never going to be easy. Astrid was more fortunate than others in her position; her prestigious pureblood extended family accepted her as a victim of her circumstances and her Witch Watcher father's questionable judgement, making every effort to shelter her from the hostile outside world.

Astrid grew up largely estranged from her mother, a German vampire with a tendency to disappear for years on end, claiming to have lost track of the days. Given her advancing dementia, Astrid suspects that might actually be the case. Her father was similarly absent due to his occupation, and so she spent most of her childhood with her paternal grandparents, her half-sister Fiona, and a series of tutors.

For the first eleven years of her life, Astrid and Fiona shared a relatively positive and close sibling relationship despite their differences, uncomfortable family situation, and Astrid's physical limitations. She tried to be happy for her sister and withhold her own envy when Fiona went off to Hogwarts, knowing she could never follow.

To avoid exposure to ridicule, sunlight, and potential injury, Astrid was homeschooled from the age of eleven to eighteen. Despite her best efforts, her magical attainment plateaued at twelve, but she continued to learn magical theory and a number of muggle subjects. She holds OWLs in Ancient Runes, Herbology, Arithmancy, History of Magic, Potions, and Astronomy, as well A-Levels in English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, and French.

It was a lonely and often solitary existence, the few bright spots on the horizon her father's infrequent visits, the correspondence she maintained with Fiona and their cousin Ainsley, and those summers when her sister was home from school. For the rest of the time, restricted from vigorous physical pursuits due to her brittle bones and chronic exhaustion, Astrid read voraciously, wrote angsty poetry, knitted little sweaters for her House Elf companion, taught herself violin, and played chess against her grandfather.

Like almost everyone else, Astrid and Fiona were affected by the war. In addition to her sister's adventures in evading Snatchers, their father was killed in early 1998 when his cover was inadvertently blown in a botched operation. Their grandparents were devastated by his death, the ordeal ageing them more in a year than in the previous ten. Fiona's false drug conviction and year-long jailing put further stress on the family, and in 2001, their grandmother passed away in her sleep.

Despite her predisposition towards depression and Fiona's headlong descent into wild irresponsibility, Astrid tried to stay positive for her grandfather's sake, a resolve that was tested when Ainsley was killed in late 2002, pushing Fiona even further into self-destruction. Jobless and increasingly purposeless, Astrid channelled her grief into refining her poetry and soon published an anthology through a small muggle indie publishing house, which garnered modest praise and a small sum of money.

Finally, in September 2003, her grandfather passed after a lengthy battle with recurring pneumonia. Gathering her courage, Astrid applied to the Ministry for any open position that they had for someone with her poor magical skills. Through what she suspects might have been her cousin Conall's intervention (though he has never made mention of it), or possibly half the management having watched Fiona's Azkaban adventures on pay-per-view, she recently got a job as a receptionist for the MLE.

Her new career marks a new chapter in her life - and one which is fraught with dangers. Astrid is very careful with herself, travelling only by Floo to avoid venturing outside, wearing clothes that cover every inch of her skin and gloves to avoid potential papercuts, using makeup to hide her ageing skin and eyebags, and never ever consuming a blood flavoured lollipop in public. Though her presence may be a polarising topic, Astrid herself is quiet and efficient, and despite a few hitches and rude individuals, she very much enjoys finally being in the presence of other people.


Although largely cheerful and optimistic, Astrid is more perceptive than she seems, and giving people the benefit of the doubt is usually down to her dislike for conflict than any genuine assumption that people can be good. She doesn’t see the point in being guarded, as she already expects the majority of people to be at least uncomfortable – if not outright hostile – with someone of her origins.

She is, however, quite hard to get to know on a personal basis. Astrid is completely dedicated to her work, and will happily talk about it at length, but she is more reticent when it comes to her personal life – mostly because she doesn’t really have one. With no sex drive and few (if any) romantic prospects, all of her relationships are strictly platonic. Unable to engage in the usual pastimes of adults her age, Astrid spends most of her leisure hours indoors, writing or watching wizarding soaps. She is always the first person to volunteer for overtime, even if it’s unpaid.

When it comes to her appearance, Astrid prefers to look frightening rather than merely depressing. She wears heavy makeup to disguise her ageing skin, and favours a dramatic eye, and though she can’t quite pass for a woman in her early twenties, she doesn’t look too much older.

As a side effect of her vampirism, Astrid struggles to maintain her weight or gain any, and no matter how much she eats, always looks gaunt and fragile, with a hollowed face and protruding cheekbones. This is part of the reason she likes to wear structured, Victorian-style dresses with petticoats underneath and high necks to avoid showing an inch of unnecessary skin. Her gloves are ever-present, and she also has a cloak with a very deep hood, and sunglasses to protect her eyes in the unlikely, unfortunate event of accidentally ending up outside.


Astrid made the decision to move out of her grandparents’ house shortly after starting her new job. She took up residence in a shared two-bedroom apartment with a mystery roommate (who turned out to be Conrad Verner) and is slowly getting used to living with a stranger.

Because of the effect sunlight has on her skin, the curtains in the living room have been augmented by heavy blackout blinds that ensure not a speck of daylight can get through, and Astrid has had the same treatment given to those in her bedroom.

Despite the overall gloominess of a life without natural light, Astrid has done her best to make her room look homely. The walls are a soothing cream colour, matching the thick carpet underfoot. All of her furniture is ancient and made of bright cherrywood, from the large writing desk with matching india-blue embroidered stool, to her kingsize canopy bed. Nothing in her room would look out of place in an old castle museum, and even her protobook bears a cover that makes it look like an antique tome.


As one of the main MLE dispatchers, Astrid’s desk is always heavingly busy with people and paperwork. She has covered the cheap chipboard with a white lace-edged tablecloth, and her desk set is antique mahogany with leather detailing. She has an impressive collection of fancy quills, and a few silver filigree frames with photographs of her family.

Under the desk is where she keeps a small wooden crate that she fills with portkeys ready for missions, on top of which is a deck of index cards. In her drawers, she has multiple useful items to respond to the strange and often dangerous needs of the department – particularly a pair of enchanted dragonhide gloves.



10", Holly, Unicorn tail hair

Educational History

Homeschooled, 1991-1998

Face Claim

Segovia Amil

Additional Notes


Astrid follows a strict vegetarian diet when it comes to human food, as she is deeply disliked by most animals and believes that eating them will make her sick. However, pasta isn’t enough for the average half-vampire to subsist on, so she keeps bloodpacks on hand in the fridge she shares with Conrad, and tries to consume no more than three per week. O- blood tastes the nicest, but since it is also very rare, she buys it only as a treat now and then, and generally goes for the more thrifty A+ type.



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