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Jennifer Tremblay
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20 Mar 1972
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She was born on Spring Equinox that year and her mother called her her 'little flower.' That only lasted so long, of course, because Jennifer (preceded by one brother and followed by two more brothers and a sister) quickly became the ring-leader for mischief among the Tremblay children. It was always playful and innocent and by and large she got away with it because of her big blue eyes and her smile and her penchant for flattery and genuine kindness.

Her mother was a witch married to a muggle who was a locksmith in the small, cold city of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Their family lived in the small apartment above his shop (Tremblay Tumblers Locksmith) that was enchanted with capacious extremis to be a sizeable living space for a family of seven on the inside. She shared a room with her little sister, Melissa, and throughout their childhood warred over the shared space as any sisters would. Their brothers, William, Daniel and Ryan, shared their own room which was transformed early on into something of a clubhouse that Jenn and Melissa would forever be trying to infiltrate (with stealth or force, depending on their mood.)

Jenn's mother, Linda Tremblay, was the local leader (and member of the Provincial board) of Magical Containment for the Protection of Muggles and early on Jennifer took an avid interest in her mother's work. Just before she left home to join her older brother at Ilvermorny, she was tagging along with Linda in her efforts to contain and excuse various magical incidents that happened across the province.

At Ivermorny, Jennifer was sorted into the Thunderbird house, following in her big brother's footsteps. With the heart of an adventurer she fit right in-- though she did at times find herself missing her home in the snowy prairies up North.

Upon graduation, Jennifer returned to her native country, though not to the prairies she so missed. She moved to Quebec where she stayed with a great aunt and worked with the Canadian Ministry for International Magical Cooperation-- a nonprofit organization that eagerly brought together various representatives from other countries to coordinate on theories for diplomatic magic.

It was there that she met Faas Stathis. Their relationship could be described up as adorably romantic, naively intense and explosively doomed. At twenty seven she found herself divorced and needing a change. A few years spent in her native Moose Jaw just wasn't doing it for her and perhaps it was the Thunderbird spirit in her that set her bright blue eyes overseas to the heart and soul of the Magical world.
Jennifer (most frequently going by Jenn, never Jenny) is known to greet every day with a smile and a winning, positive attitude. She is the first to laugh and the last to criticize (though she is an avid supporter of constructive criticism when requested) and abhors gossip.


Listen, she's not an angel as much as she tries to do the right thing, sometimes a tidbit is just too juicy. Jenn sometimes indulges her guilty pleasure in thirsty little drama-binges but not without an extra dose of guilt that follows. Sort of like a drama hangover.

Canadian to the core, she finds herself often being the first (and frequently unnecessarily) to say sorry and is endlessly polite and friendly especially with strangers. She does have something of a dry, sometimes sardonic, sense of humour but it typically only rears its head among close friends.
Tall and fairly thin (thanks in combination to a winning genetic heritage and an avid exercise regiment,) Jennifer strikes a pleasant balance between low-maintenance and feminine. Often seen wearing flannels, especially in plaid, and earthy-colours and textures that hark back to her native prairies. She prefers to keep her hair up off of her face but that doesn't mean a boring pony tail-- Jennifer has perfect the art of decorative braiding and is rarely seen to wear the same hairstyle twice in a week.

Though she starts the day looking put-together and neat, Jenn has never shied away from getting her hands dirty and is often seen by the end of a work shift to have some blond hairs escaping from her neatly plaited do or a smudge of chocolate on her chin or a splash of something-brightly-coloured on her otherwise immaculate outfit.

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Jennifer's space is full of rich, natural textures and dark, cozy colours combined with crisp, white palettes. She always has a soft blanket (or six) and a comfortable pillow to snuggle on hand. She prefers soft lighting-- stringed lights or lamps or candles to harsh overhead.

Also everything is maple scented. YOU KNEW WHAT THIS WAS.




Alder, 11", Unicorn Hair

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Ilvermorny, Thunderbird, 1983-1989

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Jessica Stam

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