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Rose Fillion [Child]
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Rose was born to a family of dairy farmers; her father was a squib, while her mother was just a muggle who recently inherited her father’s farm. Plus she is the only girl out of five boys, which makes things at home a little bit more interesting [a lot of bad ideas, fights, and laughs? You betcha].

When she was old enough to go to school, the first school she went to was Frogwurst Wizarding Prep School. But things went hairy when a young Rose tried to show the other students how to hogtie… on another student. But her parents figured, due to her nature at home, she wasn’t quite ready to get out there yet. They brought her back home and tried to prep her themselves – took her to other wizarding families to meet other young witches and wizards like herself, mom stayed at home to tame the wild child. At first, everything seemed to be working, so when she became of age she went to Beauxbatons Academy to study magic. Unfortunately, the wild child wasn’t tamed because when her first year was done the Headmistress told her parents she wasn’t welcomed again until she learned to act like a young lady.

So then they tried Hogwarts, then Ravenwood and Salem Witches Institute. But each and every time she got kicked out of school and her parents were running out of options. They didn’t want to send her to the Durmstrang Institute because of their teaching in the Dark Arts.

So in their one last ditch attempt in keeping their kid in a magical school – they sent her to Boorowong Island High School of Magic. She was sorted into Wake. It was there she made a couple of friends and insistent on staying – she calmed down on her attitude.

Especially after meeting Jennifer.

The two blossomed a beautiful relationship as friends throughout the remaining years in Boorowong. After graduating school, the pair became Aurors for the Australian Ministry and traveled a lot for their jobs.

And when the Ministry in London fell, communications were cut off to the Australian Ministry and even letters from Rose’s parents were scarce. Concerned, Rose begged to go on a scouting mission to London to see what was going on. At first, they refused but when Jen insisted alongside with Rose that she would also go on the mission – they let them.

Rose and Jen travelled to London, to see that the Ministry of London has fallen in the hands of the Dark Lord and the Death Eaters. The pair of Australian Aurors were soon captured. In a scuffle in an attempt to escape, Jen was killed and Rose was sent to Azkaban. However as fate would have it, she was rescued by the Order of the Phoenix. She assisted in the good fight and in the end help win the war.

Rose returned back to the Australian Ministry with her full report. However instead of continuing her work as an Auror there, she was sent back to the Ministry of London to act as liaison between the Ministries.

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Emma Kenney

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