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Ministry of Magic
Siri Ouma
Magical Law Enforcement
Witch Watcher
05 Feb 1967
PLAYER | Aluinn
Born to a Kenyan mother and the school's head cook (a squib) at Uagadou, Siri never knew her father, though she assumed (with obviously good reason) that he was one or another wizard who taught on campus. She was not born into privilege nor poverty and hovered somewhere around the median for the vast majority of her life.

She was two when her eyes first changed to a vibrant shade of green and her mother brought her to the Headmistress (a friend from their own childhoods) which began her lifelong pursuit of perfecting the gift. Though inherited and not learned, Siri's mother believed firmly that it was still something that could be honed and trained up and she spent even her youngest years meditating and practicing.

By the time she woke with the inscribed stone in her hand she was miles ahead of many first year students, despite her mother's magical status. She quickly packed her things and moved just across campus to live with her fellow students, rather than under her mother's 'roof' and dove into studies with a voracious appetite for learning and a deep, spiritual passion for perfecting every aspect of magic she could possibly hone.

Always an overly serious child, (perhaps due inherently to her lack of siblings and the nature of her upbringing among the staff of the school) Siri was not one to play games or pranks or fall victim to these either. She was sharp and observant and ever studious, though she did have a sense of humour it was just kept neatly in check with everything else. Neat and tidy. Just like her mother kept the kitchens.

The first Wizarding War raged on in lands far away throughout Siri's time at school, now and then they would hear stories of elder siblings or parents going to join the cause. Siri forever torn between relief that she had no one to lose there and shame for not having a brave wizarding family to help fight for the just causes of freedom and truth.

Upon graduation, Siri applied to the East African Magical Republic and began the precursor to training with an elite group of their equivalent to Wtich Watchers. It was the perfect fit for Siri-- combining her metamorphmagus gifts, extensive self-transifuration lessons, exemplary skills at potion-making and her observant and thoughtful nature. She took to undercover work like a crocodile to water.

Just as comfortable in her own skin as someone else's, Siri found the act of taking on another form something she considered quite spiritual-- her state of being described to those who ask as fluid. Though during training and throughout many of her younger years (culminating in her experience fighting during the Second Wizarding War) she found some inner discord through the experience of total-transformation -- fear of losing her own self and becoming a mere vessel for the people she impersonated, Siri struggled for some time with her own true form-- something she had been able to change, at least in part, since before she could remember.

When the Second Wizarding War struck, there was no hesitation on her part. She packed her bags and was in London in a heartbeat. By then she was an experienced agent who had worked in hand with the Ministry of Magic on more than one occasion. Though she excelled in deception and subterfuge, Siri was not shy about getting her hands dirty and doing heavier lifting when need be-- often shrugging off her preferred methods of subtlety and disguise for more brute-force tactics as the rebellion required of her.

Afterward, she found a place consulting between her homeland and the Ministry in London, though more recently has transferred over permanently to the Witch Watchers.

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Power Scope & Limitations: Siri is capable of adding nearly five inches to her height and close to forty pounds in body mass. Transforming into forms that are overweight or with extremely odd proportions has always been a source of difficulty for her though she intently perseveres at correcting this fault and has come a long way to perfecting the art.


Ebony, 9.5", Thunderbird tail feather

Educational History

Uagadou School of Magic, 1977-1984

Face Claim

Lupita Nyong'o

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