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Ministry of Magic
Horatio Sherlock
Magical Law Enforcement
10 Feb 1974
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Horatio Sherlock was born in 1974 and the second son a halfblood family which sadly, was ripped apart by the first Wizarding war. He remained oblivious for the most part since he was only just a small child. But when he was 7, Horatio would be touched by death. His beloved mother would be one of the many casualties. In the final days of the war as she simply vanished overnight, never to be seen again. It was assumed she had been one of the many victims of the war and so a funeral was held where little Horatio cried and cried until he could cry no more, replacing his grief with frustration and anger. He refused to allow this to go unsolved and so formed the very basis in which he’d mould his life around: Solving problems.

Like all witches and wizards in the UK, Horatio ended up going to Hogwarts and was swiftly sorted into Ravenclaw. Horatio believe it or not was not a very shy boy, and he wasn’t an extroverted party animal. He was just simply, a regular individual with one neat little trick. He was very bright. It didn’t show in the early years of course as he was still finding his feet and learning all he could, however in his fourth year Horatio suddenly sky rocketed, his main area being potions but he was gifted in defence against the dark arts, History of the wizarding world and Herbology. It was around this time that he started to withdraw into himself, realising that the small group of friends he had weren’t exactly his ‘friends’. He was left out of gatherings, ignored at the dinner table and eventually, Horatio became isolated, locking himself away with his studies and own personal investigation.

However in the summer holiday between his fourth and fifth year, Horatio would find himself embroiled in events that would cerement his role as an investigator. Not all his friends had abandoned him, a Griffindor named Trevor Viktor had remained by his side and invited him to stay at his house for a few weeks in the summer.
Trevor’s father, Eustis Viktor found himself in spot of bother, dealing dragon eggs to less than honest people. When he failed to make good on his delivery, He was abducted on his way home. Through several misadventures and one long ‘interview’, It was Horatio and Trevor who managed to not only find Eustis but also break up the dragon egg smuggling ring.

The remaining years at Hogwarts were dull to say the least, in fact he was so bored he almost failed his OWLS but with one last push, Horatio managed to come out with top marks and put himself through into his NEWTS. He just scraped by and at found himself on his own. Still believing that he was right and needed no one to help, Horatio set up his own ‘investigatory Wizard’ business, hiring himself out to whoever needed a little bit of snooping done. Sadly it didn’t turn out as he soon grew bored and destitute, the majority of his time spent finding lost pets. What was more his own personal investigation into the disappearance of his mother had gone cold, with nothing to follow, Horatio sank into depression, spending time too much time in pubs and his own misery.

In the second Wizarding war, Horatio came into his own. Working with arguably, his only remaining friend after Trevor was killed, Horatio and James Winston worked on helping muggleborns escape death eaters and also prove information when able to the small group INTEL. Things came to a head when the two friends were discovered and in a heated duel, just barely escaped with their lives. The rest of the war was spent in hiding, travelling across England and Wales until the war was over.

In need of a job since he couldn't rely wholly on Winston forever, A colleague who worked for the Ministry (who may have also used his exceptional investigatory skills once or twice) sat down beside him and offered him a job. He couldn’t be an Auror but his OWLs were high enough to get him into the investigator’s office. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Horatio begruenlly agreed.

Five years on and despite several cautions and a large amount of disrespect for the no smoking policy (doesn’t count if you don’t get caught) Horatio has made it to the rank of ‘senior inspector’ Along with a few secrets of his own.
Sherlock’s personality is “bohemian" in habits and lifestyle. Although he has a cat-like love of personal cleanliness, he is an eccentric individual with no regard for tidiness or good order, or at least to the untrained eye.

Horatio is a difficult man to get along with, often only focused upon his work and desiring nothing more than a 'clever' crime to fall on his lap. Sadly he tends to get stuck with the less interesting cases and, despite having an enviable clearance rate, He feels unfulfilled and listless.

thankfully he has one friend with whom he can rely on and while he may act like a self interested narcissist, he cares deeply for those who he deems worth the effort.
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No knowledge of Good order what so ever, Horatio's desk is littered with ink stains, knife marks and scraps of paper with several seemingly random notes written upon them.



Ebony, 12 1/4 inch, Dragon heartstring

Educational History

Hogwarts, Ravenclaw, 1985-1992

Face Claim

Benedict Cumberbatch

Additional Notes

Areas of expertise
British Wizarding Law-Good Practical knowledge

A good, if slightly out dated knowledge of the Muggle world

Expert duelist

Profound knowledge of Potions and poisons

Limited but practical knowledge of geology of the London area

Basic knowledge of politics

Plays the Piano and violin well.



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