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Khadija Swift
Jardin Gris
07 Jul 1977
PLAYER | Aluinn
She was born in a mansion to a right wing politico with a nose for business and a passion for all forms of freedom-- a real pull yourself up by your bootstraps sort of man who'd brought himself up from rags and built an empire in riches. His wife had been a little more free-spirited in her youth but years of garden parties and wine tastings and pleated pants had settled those wild urges right down. Together, they somehow raised Khad who grew up not realizing how much of a reflection she was to her mother's younger self.

Throughout year childhood, Khad had many theories as to how she wound up next to her parents in their neatly pressed dinner suits while she wore layers of bright patterns and colours with too many bracelets stacked on slender wrists and a new nail polish colour every other day of the week.

Aliens was the front-runner of those theories. A real Superman story, she figured.

Her room was plastered with posters of super heroes and heroines with similar backstories-- alien misfits that grew into their powers and saved the world.

Khad always felt a sort of kindred connection to the cosmos and she spent many a night connecting stars and creating her own constellations.

It wasn't really a surprise that she wound up at Ravenwood-- in hindsight it was obvious to both Edison and Farha that their daughter had always been special. Of course they'd imagined she might get a bit more 'normal' with enough time and attention but she never did-- always carving her own path. She'd never rebelled like other children, though, her disobedience always coupled with a calm and even loving, passionate arguments seeking truth and understanding above self-satisfaction.

Ravenwood only fostered her propensity for the odd and outlandish and at some point the Swifts gave up trying to pin their daughter down into a day dress and hair-curlers and let their child fly through the wildflower fields as she would.

Despite her obvious and stark contrast to her muggle parents' lifestyle and perspectives, the family is a loving and supportive one.

Ravenwood was an absolute ball and while Khadija had grown up defending herself and explaining, here she was allowed to flourish and her eccentricities were encouraged if anything. She excelled at potions and adored divination class (often staying late and making up extra projects to do there for extra credits.) It was there that she met and subsequently fell in love with Kay. Kay who had eyes only for boys and a hand of solid friendship for Khad. But she took it, all too eager to be a part of the other girl's life, even if it was only in that one facet.

Graduation and the ensuing trip around the world was the first chance she had to truly stretch her wings and be. It was beautiful and everything she'd imagined and even now, Khad looks back on that time as the best months of her life.

Even if they were abruptly ended by the war's cruel reality sinking its teeth into them-- unable to escape the harsh realities of it.

It was the first real fight she had with her parents when she told them where she was going and what she was doing. The first time she had ever regretted keeping them up-to-date on her life in the wizarding world. She knew, in her heart, that they were only worried for their only child, but it caused a brief rift that would take years to mend between them.
Khad is a welcoming, warm and somewhat goofy young woman. Her philosophy aligns with the 'free love' movement and has a passionate enthusiasm for discovery and learning. She is the last person to judge someone else, finding it very easy to empathize even with the most twisted situations.

She may appear to have a short attention span as she is often engaging in multiple avenues of thought and consideration simultaneously. This is reflected in her plethora of odd-jobs that she maintains with equal passion and dedication.
Khadija is not a very imposing figure but she is loud, to use a single word. She prefers bright colours and clashing patterns in odd combinations of modern and well-aged fashions. She doesn't seem to have a specific style so much as a mood that is ever-changing with her own inclinations.

Her dark hair is worn in various styles but maintains a natural wave that is tamed or not tamed, again, depending on Khad's ever-changing moods.


Her flat is a tiny hole-in-the-wall studio above a used book store. It sports a bunch of big, bright windows that are routinely draped with various brightly-coloured fabrics that aren't pinned down so she can change them whenever she so desires. Every sittable surface is covered with a jumble of pillows in various sizes and colours. Any wall surface that isn't being used as a door or a window has a shelf bolted to it filled with painting supplies or books or stacks of tea cups or tins of tea or photos or albums or jars with glittering, swimming, twirling, glowing objects inside of them. Her bed is a veritable palace with a vibrant canopy made of hundreds of silk squares sewn carefully together by hand. Of course the bed sports a multitude of pillows and hidden among them a single stuffed, raggedy tiger with a missing eye.



Oak, 10½", Unicorn Hair

Educational History

Ravenwood, 1988-1995

Face Claim

Maya Arulpragasam

Additional Notes

Khadija's Main Employment is as a casual Tessomancer at Jardin Gris but she also maintains various other avenues of employ including but not limited to:
  • Artist
  • Pet Life Coach (specializing in dogs and rats)
  • Aura Reader
  • Spirit Adventure Guide



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