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Donald Mallory
Faculty | Head of Gryffindor
Professor of Ancient Studies
13 Apr 1925
PLAYER | Masked Mask
Born to two working class Muggle parents on a cold evening in Glasgow, Donald grew up in the slums of the great Scottish City. He was a bright healthy baby. After an incident involving a Sofa made of Chocolate and a Charleston dancing broom did Donald and his parents realise that he was perhaps, a little bit special. It was there that he was paid a visit by a strange man with strange clothes explaining he was in fact, a wizard and he was too be inducted into a school for children like him.

Donald’s time at Hogwarts was more or less uneventful, missing out on the Second World War. That is apart from his last year. Donald was one of the victims of the Basilisk, being petrified in his last year until he was cured. At the end of his schooling and with the War still going on, combined with his Muggle parents, Donald felt a duty to join up, choosing to go in the Army. During the War he saw horrors untold as his friends and comrades were killed and blown to smithereens in senseless violence and because of the sacred wizarding rule of no magic being practised in the presence of a Muggle, he could do little to help. However he did in fact, survive and returned home with a Military cross.

From there Donald returned to the wizarding world, choosing to travel it and explore it as much as he could. He worked with Dragons in Egypt, fled a brood of Vampires in Romania, went on a very deep spirit journey in the far east and had relations with a Native American man. All in all, he had a pretty interesting experience. However in 1950, Donald felt that he had done enough soul searching and choose to return to Hogwarts as a teacher, His subject, Magical theory. Needless to say it wasn’t riveting but he did the best he could with what he had and remained in the post for 5 years before again, deciding that he needed a change. Leaving the School, Donald went to work for the Ministry of Magic, working within the Muggle Liaison office and eventually rising to assistant head of the department of magical accidents and catastrophes. It was then, in 1970 that Donald was thrust into yet another war, a Wizarding war.

During the time of this new War, spies and saboteurs were everywhere which caused havoc for Donald and his fledgling family. Oh yes, in his time, Donald had met and fell in love with a wonderful pureblood witch named River Ringwort who gifted them with twins who were named Michael and Maisy. For several years they were just about as safe as the rest of the mugglebornes, however in 1978 disaster struck. A Ministry spy sold the Malory family out and a squad of Death eaters came to their home. Donald and River fought as hard and fierce as they could however River was briefly stunned by a Jinx and then killed on the spot.

His heart torn asunder, Donald pushed on, running up to his children’s room only to find they too had been slain by a death eater that suck in through the window. One would expect Donald to give up there, to allow the death eaters to kill him with his family. He wasn’t so lucky. His grief was overruled by a rage he never thought possible. On that night the Mallory home was set ablaze, With Donald as the only survivor. In the last two years Mallory joined the Order of the Phoenix, often volunteering for the most dangerous of missions. He became cold and irritable, grouchy and almost mean spirited, not earning him many friends but he wasn’t feeling very friendly. When his attitude became an issue he angrily explained his reasoning asking what the others would do if their families were ripped apart. Sadly he found out and regretted those words to the Longbottoms ever since.

When the war came to an end Donald had every intention of going back to work for the ministry, Only to find that he couldn't. There were too many memories there, too many ghosts and so seeking what he thought would be a less harrowing experience, applied for the open position of professor Ancient Studies. Once again, Dumbledore agreed and Donald took the post in 1981. However he wasn't the eccentric, light hearted teacher he once was, instead he became a no nonsense, stern and ever so slightly fierce teacher who expected nothing but the best from his students.

When Voldemort returned Donald was one of the few who believed his old teacher and the Potter boy but felt that his duty was to the school and it's students and knowing full well the risks, remained through the 1996-1997 year. Like most at the school he was struck hard by the death of the Headmaster, another death to add to his ever growing list.

He remained at Hogwarts until the Muggle trials where he was escorted out of the school half way through a lesson where later in the court, he came under the persecution of none other than Dolores Umbridge. His trial would go down in history as one of the angriest, contempt filled court session in the Wizingmont history where he had to be forcibly subdued for fear of doing an injury to all. Sadly this was done by Dementors. He was incarcerated in Azkaban for the remainder of the war, surviving only by the strong desire to see this hell end.

At the end of the second wizarding War he was released and despite being offered compensation and even a job working in the Ministry once again, Donald ever so kindly told them to ‘F*** off.’ He’d had it with the Ministry, the wars, the misery, everything. He returned home where he found the new Headmistress of Hogwarts, with his old position still open to him. With nothing else to stop him, He agreed.

From 1998 Donald did his duty, working through his deep pain and for the school, doing his best to install a much more accepting and questioning mentality into his students. For whatever reason, in 2003 Donald found himself given the position of head of Griffindor house, a post he swore he wouldn't let change him but already he's found that his old paternal instincts have began to worm their way to the surface, intent on pushing griffindor to the top as best he can.


Inside his classroom one would find a battered and warn out cupboard that is pad locked shut. This is not a supplies closet and is in fact, Donald's home. With an enlargement spell cast, inside is a larger comfortable living room and bed with a small round desk featuring the photos of his family. Around the walls is a ginormous book shelf, upon which sit volumes of books he has collected over the years.


Donald's class room is a 'glorifed broom closet' due to the elective and unpopular nature of his course. It is small, cramped and often smells of damp.



Beech, 10 1/2', Unicorn hair

Educational History

Hogwarts, Griffindor, 1935-1943

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Peter Capaldi

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