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Ministry of Magic
Tyler Haddock
Magical Law Enforcement
Hitwizard Specialist: Demolitions
02 Jun 1970
Tyler was Fiona and Ryan Haddock's second born. He came into the picture three years after his brother Carter. This seemed to set a trend between the two brothers. Whatever Tyler did, Carter had done first. They were far apart enough in age for Tyler to look up to his brother, but not so far that did not engender a spirit of competition. They grew up with Tyler constantly trying to catch up with Carter. They were inseparable, sometimes because neither knew how to let a fight go. They grew up scrapping and competing and playing. Although the third Haddock baby, their little sister June, was three years younger than Tyler, so the age difference was much the same, Carter and Tyler were always closer.

When Tyler turned 11, though, he got a letter that his older brother hadn't. A letter from a magic school claiming that he was a wizard and would be attending something "Hogwarts" in the fall. As a Muggleborn, a representative from the school came to explain matters, even doing a bit of magic, and left the family understandably taken aback by the whole affair. It was more difficult for his father than it was for his mum, for he had been raised a Catholic, and it was quite a lot to take in. Fiona however rose to the occasion, and things were smooth -- or smooth-adjacent -- by the time Tyler left for school. More than anything, the fact that Tyler was magic affected him and his brother now suddenly different, and destined for different paths. Things remained largely stable until Tyler left for school from Platform 9 and 3/4. After this it became very clear that he would always be a little different from his family.

School was an exciting, fun time for Tyler. On the one hand, not having his brother to "catch up" with was a bit alienating and confusing. But his drive to do well remained solid. He was sorted into Gryffindor, and quickly found that he enjoyed Defence Against the Dark Arts and Transfiguration. Andthe first time he held a broom is still one of his favourite memories. In his third year he joined the Quidditch Team as a Chaser and it suited him. That was what he liked, really, to always be faster, and more driven.

While his parents remained strict about getting good grades and his brother endlessly teased him as he endlessly teased June, they didn't quite know what he was talking about. During the summers of his first two years, this did lead to some conflict. But as he grew older, Tyler tried as much as he could not to talk about school during the summers, not to do his homework at a time that his brother was around. He also made sure not to talk about older magical politics and tensions, and that guy no one wanted to name, as that would freak his family out. Anyway, the war in the wizarding world had ended just around the time Tyler had joined school. That Sirius Black dude was in prison, and they were rounding up the other bad guys. No point worrying his parents about things that were in the past. Not to mention, he had good friends at school, after all, and he didn't have to talk about everything with absolutely everyone. One of his friends, a pureblood Gryffindor from a very old wizarding family, did not understand anything Muggle. Sometimes, things functioned better in boxes.

In his fourth year, Tyler came back to find that Carter had a girlfriend and was thinking about college. They were growing apart. And then again, a few months later, Tyler himself had a girlfriend, and life wasn't altogether bad. Tyler himself started thinking about what he wanted to be. He had the grades to be an Auror, and that did seem prestigious in itself. But in the end he was drawn to the hands on nature of Hit Wizards. It also possibly had to do with the fact that Carter, after a stint as a racecar driver and a failed attempt at law enforcement was now training to be a firefighter. While Carter did not much love that his brother had succeeded at joining a law enforcement unit, whereas he had failed, once they got past that they had a lot more to talk about and bond over, from the rigors of their trainings to the nuances of their jobs and so on.

This took a bit of a hit in 1992-1993, when Tyler decided to train to be an Animagus. He was at the top of his game, if not entirely the top of his class, and doing generally well as a Demolitions Specialist. He wanted to take things to the next level, and surely, with his goal-oriented personality, he would be some kind of fighting animal, useful in his work. Unfortunately, it transpired that his inner soul was far more mellow, and a little more vegetarian than he had believed. Tyler human became an Panda Animagus. His brother has never quite let that one go.

Tyler grew more and more protective of his family as the war started to pick up in 1996. The only person he talked to about it was his brother, so while he was aware, his parents and sister were completely taken aback when he showed up early in 1997 to squirrel them away and hide them safely in the Muggle world. Carter was not thrilled about this, insisting on continuing to work during the war. Crisis hit when the Muggleborn Commission was set up. Tyler left with fellow Hit Wizards keen to resist, but around the same time, Carter was injured during an rescue, his back taking a severe hit. Tyler came out of hiding to meet his brother and was betrayed by an old friend, the pureblood Gryffindor he'd been close to in school. He was tortured and it took him a fairly long time to recover.

Once the war ended, Tyler threw himself into rounding up any straggling Death Eaters and Voldemort-supporters. He remains determined to fight pureblood extremists, and to protect the people he loves.

Magical Status Form

Magical Status: ANIMAGUS

CLASSIFIED: The registration information for aurors, hitwizards, and witch watchers is classified.

Animagus Form & Distinguishing Marks: Tyler is a Giant Panda, big, round, fluffy, and he has a small heart shaped black spot on his butt in addition to the patches of black fur on his ears, eyes, and limbs, which reflects the small tramp stamp Tyler acquired clubbing, just out of school. He is about 5'6" long, with an 5 inch tail, and is about about 2'6" feet tall at the shoulder.

As a panda he weighs about 150 kgs, which does not add to his grace. Like any other panda his fur keeps him cool and he has a notable bite, that he uses largely only on food and furniture depending on where he is. When he falls asleep like a panda, Tyler sleeps with his mouth wide open to be more comfortable. This is also true of him as a human.

Animagus Form Elaboration: Tyler was so driven towards his end goal of being the world's coolest specialist Hit Wizard that he imagined he would be a roaring lion or very cool cheetah. But it transpired that his inner animal was really just a panda.

The panda reflects his cuddliness, his enjoyment of chewing and food, and the fact that once he takes to a person, he clings to them with all his might. It also reflects deeper things, like a somewhat zen understanding of the world and existence, a slight tendency to be a loner and respect others' boundaries as much as he likes his own boundaries respected, and an intense protectiveness of his family, especially younger members thereof (both his actual family and younger trainees and such).

The low stress quotient that pandas carry is true of Tyler too, who despite his stressful and difficult job keeps a cool head at the worst of times. He is a surprisingly rounded person, though his is concealed under a lot of human superficialities. As a panda, he is very content to just be. He is warm and generally has a positive outlook on life. He likes nurturing (he won't say that in human form) and cuddling and holding and protecting; it's very core to him. And he can be determined to reach his goals, which is also true of pandas.

List the 3 most serious mishaps that animagus endured in training::
1) A Case of the Cuddles
A few weeks in, Tyler was seized with an uncontrollable case of needing to hold stuff tightly. Stuff that included objects like his desk and chair and books, and people like his mum, his then girlfriend, his colleagues, and an unfortunate supervisor. He was not terribly affected except for that the girlfriend was unimpressed and broke up with him.

2) Protective Panda
Around the middle of his training, Tyler started feeling exceptionally drawn to protecting the young - young anything, human babies, kittens, puppies, and puffskeins. Perceiving that a fellow Hit Wizard was being unkind to a puffskein, he got particularly aggressively protective, punching out his colleague, and creating a protective parameter around the puffskein in the middle of the street while chewing gum with vengeance. He had to be Stunned and taken to the hospital to sleep it off, but remained gruff and protective for a few days thereafter.

3) The Furriest Patches of Them All
Close to the end of his training, Tyler also acquired fur along the places where his black patches would be as a panda - along his eyes, ears, muzzle, limbs, and a heart shaped patch of fur on his butt. This cost him another girlfriend and he was a little more affected. But it didn't stop him from going to work, and he bought himself a little comb for his fur.


Mahogany, 12 1/4 inches, unicorn's tail hair, firm

Educational History

Hogwarts, Gryffindor, 1981-1988

Face Claim

Scott Porter

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