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Ministry of Magic
Viktor Craven
Magical Maintenance and Support
Security Guard
02 Jul 1848
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The Craven family earned their name by becoming synonymous with fleeing from battle. Whether war, skirmish, or siege, there was nothing they wouldn't run away from, leaving friends and comrades to die in their place. Some pureblood families maintained their longevity through breeding (mostly with each other) but the Cravens chose a healthy respect for survival of the fittest, and are known for being particularly long-lived.

Viktor probably didn't mean to be quite so long long-lived, however. Born in the summer of 1848 to parents he scarcely remembers, he may have had three or four siblings but he doesn't recall their names or genders and they're all dead now so what does it matter. At eleven, he was sent to the conservative, gender segregated Akademie de Zauberei in Germany where he was an average student with few outstanding achievements.

Following his schooling, he took a place in some obscure, paperwork-heavy department of the German Ministry where he couldn't get into any trouble and proceeded to be utterly unremarkable for about twenty years. Somewhere along the line, he married, had a few children he was indifferent to, briefly contracted the black plague, and wrote three quarters of a (very boring) autobiography.

In 1914, he observed with some distaste as the world engaged in a war, which he and his family naturally ran away from. They moved to Baden and set up home on the outskirts of the Black Forest. Two years later, whilst retrieving a sheep that had gotten out and ended up stuck in a thornberry bush, Viktor met what appeared to be a lost little girl wearing a bright red hooded cape.

Not being of the superstitious sort, Viktor approached what he thought was a child to see if she was alright, only to discover - quite briefly - that she was, in fact, a vampire. The girl, lacking in self-control, drank just enough of his blood to ensure he wouldn't recover, but not enough to actually kill him. Fortunately (or not?), her sire found them, and apologetically turned Viktor to make up for the girl's faux-pas.

Awakening as a vampire was just one more disappointment in what would be a long life of them. His benefactors - if they could be called that - Ebenezer and Carmen, taught him how to use his powers and how to hunt, and cautioned him against returning to his family in his new, corpsy state. Instead, he watched as his wife buried an empty casket and the very next day moved their local butcher into the house they'd shared. Viktor's new hobbies included spying on them in bat form, and devising ways to murder the butcher, even though he'd been lukewarm at best about his marriage.

Time...passed. Viktor watched the world change, watched his children grow up and leave to have families of their own, witnessed the deaths of his own parents, his siblings, and eventually his former wife and her second husband. He picked over the bodies on the battlefields of WWII, giving the injured a swift and merciful death (though that wasn't his intention, he just found dying people to be a low-effort snack).

Now and then, he even used his new powers for good. After all, nothing scares the shit out of even the most hardened Nazi soldier than a dishevelled, hungry vampire bursting out of the darkness. In truth, he got to quite enjoy being feared rather than running away, although it did result in some unfortunate injuries - a missing finger, several stab wounds, a few bullet wounds, and some burn marks - that could never heal.

In the 1950's, after Ebenezer's death at the age of 217, a grieving Carmen chose to leave Germany and travel to America. Communication between her and Viktor ceased after several years there, leading him to believe she had died.

Wracked by a sense of purposelessness, he spent the intervening years until the First Wizarding War travelling around Europe. His favourite pastime was staging the elaborate deaths of the muggles he drank from and watching the ensuing community panic thinking that they had the next Jack the Ripper on their hands. He was careful never to stay too long in one place, however; he didn't think the other wizards would take too kindly to his disruptions.

With the rise of Voldemort, Viktor made his way to Britain to observe the drama unfold. His life as a human seemed a very long way away indeed, and he was ambivalent about which side was justified in the war. To his surprise, Carmen resurfaced in the employ of Voldemort who had called all the dark creatures to his banner, and she tried to persuade Viktor to join them. However, to Viktor, who was rapidly beginning to see some parallels between this war and the previous muggle version, the offer was not to his taste and he declined. When finally Voldemort was defeated, he was vindicated in his beliefs as the former Death Eaters fled underground and left Carmen and others like her to fend for themselves.

In the intervening years, they spent much of their time together adjusting to modern city life. It was much easier to hunt unnoticed in the seedier underbelly of London's nighttime streets than it had been in the small villages of rural Europe. Discrimination was still rife within the wizarding community, but small victories were being won for integration, such as the popularity of half-vampire singer Lorcan d'Eath.

This fragile peace faced its biggest challenge with the second rise of Voldemort and the short but brutal war that followed. Burned by his supporters the last time, Carmen was insistent that they contribute to the war effort on behalf of those against the Death Eaters, and finally Viktor agreed. They were accepted - with some reluctance, it had to be stated - into a small resistance group of muggleborns who came to value their...unique contribution to skirmishes (or as Viktor liked to call them, potlucks).

Following the Battle of Hogwarts and the loosening of the Ministry's employment laws, Viktor and Carmen applied for jobs there. At first, they were turned down and returned to their pre-war lives in London, but in early 2003 following the bombing of the Ministry and the deaths of many of its employees, they were finally accepted. Viktor began his new, deeply unorthodox job as a security guard, at which he has proved to be surprisingly proficient. His ability to blend seamlessly into any background is something he uses to its full advantage when dealing with potential troublemakers, and he enjoys popping out of the decor at them, smiling toothily, with a paternal admonishment which is usually enough to deter any unwanted behaviour.

He lives with Carmen in the Ministry Mews, and both of them have been introduced to the concept of blood packs - although they privately agree that there's no substitute for original recipe.

Educational History

Akademie der Zauberei, 1859-1866

Face Claim

Bill Nighy

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