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Zaxius Vargas
Professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts
24 Aug 1964
The tale of the man that is Zaxius Vargas begins in nineteen sixty four with his birth. He was born to Pure blood parents Godwyn and Illestrya Vargas. Granted he was the younger of two boys. His older brother shall come a little later in this tale. They were a family and loved each other. For in the House of Vargas family was most important. Pure Blood heritage didn't hurt either. And they were indeed a very pure blooded family dating all the way back to the medieval ages. In fact it is said that the only reason the House of Vargas did not make the sacred twenty eight is because that the author did not know what to make of the Vargas line.

The family had a long history of producing as many dark wizards and witches as it did Aurors and those that fought against the dark before Aurors. Zaxius' own family was a current example. His father and grandfather had a massive falling out as his grandfather preferred the ideology of Grindlwald, Voldermort, and the dark arts while Zaxius' father and his mother were both Aurors. Committed to hunting down such dark practitioners. Now that is not to say that his father was flawless because for many years he believed in pure blood supremacy. His older brother just soaked up the ideas of his fathers early ideas while Zaxius preferred to keep a slightly more open mind.

Zaxius now at the age of four was sitting with his parents enjoying a meal when the front door to their home was blown to splinters. Before they could arm themselves, a killing curse an bright green flash lit up the dining room and Zaxius' mother fell to the floor and breathed no more. After pushing Zaxius away to safety his father and this unknown assailant were dueling. Spells and debris were flying everywhere. Zaxius couldn't remember being so scared in all his little life. More over, he wondered why his mum wasn't getting up. why was she just laying there, why wasn't she blinking? Tears welled up in his eyes before the sudden and heart breaking realization hit him. His mother was dead.

In order to bury his grief he took up the organ and singing. He thought it was a great distraction. It certainly worked to keep his mind off things. His father though it seemed, had other ideas. His father being the Auror that he was hired someone to train his sons in self defense. As a wizard you needed to not only have strong mind but a strong body as well. Lessons that continued until his boys were old enough to leave home.

It was now the day of his eleventh birthday, his brother Nelodross had already gotten his letter from Hogwarts two years earlier. The anticipation was killing him. And sure enough before to long by way of owl delivery it came. He raced to his father jumping up and down with glee. He packed his things immediately and he and his father made their way to Diagon Ally. He bought everything he thought he need, everything he did need, and little extra. Having a wealthy wizarding family that went way back had its advantages. After father bought Zaxius what he needed and wanted he boarded the train to Hogwarts.

When they finally made it to the school after what seemed like an eternity he could not believe what he saw pulling the carriages. They were skeletal horse....things and they were gross, but also intriguing. Zaxius lingered long enough to give it a sweet and then raced off to go join the rest of his first year class in the sorting. As most of his family was, he too was sorted into Slytherin. During his school years he was an exceptional student. He and his brother were now completely inseparable. They were both in Slytherin and they were both great students. The two were often called the Brothers Vargas. They looked out fir each other, defended each other. They were brothers!

He aced his O.W.L.S and decimated his N.E.W.T.S. He wanted to be an Auror like his father. He was often praised as talented but he shrugged it off with humility and non affirmation. Zaxius always believed that actions and decisions spoke louder than anything. Sure enough he was even Headboy letting that speak for itself. It was noted that during his dueling he had a natural affinity for fire spells and was outstanding in Defense against the Dark Arts.

After graduating Hogwarts he was immediately recruited by the was Aurors at the Ministry of Magic. And new lessons began, new things in general were typically learned. He was pretty original integrating physical attacks in with his magical attacks. He was looking to be a pretty good Auror. And he was, having served for over two decades. But we're getting ahead of ourselves.

One thing that had always fascinated Zaxius was wandless magic. one evening after a particularly nasty encounter with he who must not be named's death eaters; Zaxius and his fellow Aurors were in a lounge relaxing and drinking tea and coffee. After everyone had cleared out, he noticed a knife was left on the table. He looked around to make sure that no one was watching and he reached out his hand. At first nothing happened. So then he tried it again, and again, and yet again. Well he figured he would try just one last time. Zaxius reached out his hand and willed the knife to come to his hand, and come it did. The knife impaled his right hand all the way through. The sudden and unexpected pain caused Zaxius to scream in brief agony as he pulled the damn thing out. He then made his way to Mungos.

Not even a year and half later was Zax at it again. Save this time it was a tea cup. No chance of getting impaled by this. Its as dull as they come. He figured in all of his hubris he was safe. So he reached out and willed the cup forward in his hand. The cup went rushing right past his hand and toward his face. Before he could even get out the Arest of Aresto Momentum the cup slammed into his nose. It hit with such force that it not only broke his nose but sent his ass backwards on the chair. Back to St.Mungos it was. He did decide however that he needed a lot more practice with that.

A few years later a momentous occasion rocked the Vargas estate. Nelodross his older brother was about to be father! Zax to this date does not recall apperating so fast in all his life. His niece was named Isadora Vargas, and she was a beautiful baby girl. He was so proud of his brother. But all things must come to an end.

It was June, nineteen ninety five. For a few years now rumors of Voldemorts return had been whispered. It wasn't until the twenty fourth of that month that Albus Dumbledore himself confirmed that Voldemort had indeed returned. That was enough for Zaxius. He started searching for Death Eaters with a renewed purpose. It was at this time that his brother, whom he looked up to and idolized joined Voldemort and plunged a metaphorical knife into Zaxius' heart.

A few short years later the battle of Hogwarts happened. He was there as shit hit the fan in fatal ways. His duty was to his niece which he protected along with several others fending off several death eaters. Tired and worn out it was then that the boy who lived became the boy the ruined Voldemorts efforts and gave him a permanent kick to the balls.

The encounter that changed everything for Zaxius happened in the spring of two thousand and three. After years of tracking down and locking away Death Eater remnant, he found his brother. Zaxius begged and pleaded for his brother to go to Azkaban, that he was an Auror of a little influence, he could get his sentence down to something less than life. His brother though wouldn't have it. So the two got into a ferocious duel. Spells and debris flying everywhere. Zaxius ended up tackling his brother to the ground and delivering several rapid punches to his face. Nelodross on the other hand picked up some stone and slammed it into Zaxius head. Needless to say Zaxius rolled off his brother and dizzily crawled toward his wand while his brother did the same for his own. They managed to return to their feet at the same time, more or less. Their wands held high. Zaxius' brother was getting ready throw the killing curse at him but he was quicker with a offensive spell of own make. His brother screamed in agony as he was burnt from the inside out until nothing but quickly washing away ash remained.

A part of Zaxius died that night. He reported that his death eater brother was now dead and that the threat he posed was eliminated. He then swiftly made it to his department head were he stated he was retiring. Over the course of the following year he told his father and niece what happened. And ended up taking some time for himself. He later applied for Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher and was accepted.


Pine Wood, Phoenix Feather core, 12 1/2 in length

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Hogwarts, Slytherin, 1975-1982

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Tom Hiddleston

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