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RP Style Questionnaire

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What are your favorite types of characters to play?
I've played everyone pretty much: boy, girl, man, woman, straight/gay/bi, death eater, auror, professor, head girl/boy, Head of house, Ministress of Magic etc etc

My favorite characters that I've written have been a young Hufflepuff boy who was just silly and kind of dumb due to his innocence.

My very first character whom I took from first year Slytherin to adulthood. She has been a junior death eater, plagued by the power of empathy, and had her heart broken too many times.

Finally, the most challenging but easily the most enjoyable was writing Scorpius Malfoy. The boy was refined and crass at the same time, harbored daddy issues, was a womanizer, a sneak and a crack Quidditch player.

What are your favorite types of plots or relationships in RP?

I really like to play dynamic character. I love to see them grow and change and develop, often why I start them off younger. I also adore being a bit of an antagonist, weather it be just slightly to put someone in a pickle and make them think or a full blow bad guy. Someone in between is my favorite.

What's your preferred post length? Preferred thread length?

I prefer to write, and write with those who post at least one decent paragraph. Though I have been know to go for several. Give me details, dialogue and something to work with and I promise you'll get a lot in return.

How often do you post?

As often as I can, ultimately daily. I don't like to leave open story lines or ditch at all. I am one to wake up in the morning and be excited to check for replies, or sit for hours posting back and forth with someone who can be on at the same time. I'm also okay with scheduling a time to sit and post since other writers are in different time zones.

How long should a writing partner wait before nudging you to respond to a thread?

At least 24 hours. If I know I'm going to be unavailable, I would let the person know. Sometimes life gets in the way though.

How do you feel about rapidfire?

I don't really care for it as I feel it isn't very fruitful to a story. However, if I'm bored and there is something fun going on wit ha lot of people, I'm not opposed to it. I just don't take it seriously and do not base my entire RP life on it at all.

How do you feel about group threads?

Group threads are fine as long as there is order. Everyone takes their turn and no one gets mixed up or left out of the story.

How much pre-planning vs. spontaneity do you like in your plots? Do you prefer to stick to the script or to deal with surprise curveballs?

I am comfortable with either. I like to be involved in a plot or two as well as do some character development posting. Random meet ups help me feel my character out and how they would react in situation. Also, sometimes I feel this helps tap into pockets of a backstory and release information I may not have known was there.

What's your comfort level regarding graphic scenes w/ violence, drug use, sex, etc? Any limits?

No limits here. I'm an adult. I've written smut and I'm proud of it. It doesn't offend me at all and I am also comfortable witnessing and participating in it.

What are some RP habits/styles/etc. that you love?

I like generating families/relatives. If I have a parent/child/cousin etc. in mind, I have no problem making them. Most of my characters are all connected in some way.

What are some RP habits/styles/etc. that you avoid?

Mainly pointless one liners, single line posts, basic bitch stuff. If your character is bland, I probably won't hang around. I'm fine with nurturing and helping others but some people just want that high school romance they never got/don't have. Make your characters flawed, interesting, broken. There's more to decipher there than Susie Vanillabean.

Is there anything else you'd like your writing partners to know about you?

Don't be afraid to ask me to use a specific character. I am down to bust any of them out at this point. If I'm not comfortable with something, meaning it's detrimental to my character's story, I'll say no and/or suggest something else. I am also down for creating characters/taking over characters for plots. Please don't be afraid to ask Lets collaborate.

DRARRY: Who tops?

IMHO Draco...

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