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Hercules Delphine
Class of 1999-2006
06 Jun 1988
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Herc, on the outside, could be billed as a lone wolf or bad boy. People really should take to heart the old saying "Don't judge a book by its cover". Truth is, the boy was home schooled by order of his tyrannical father. His mother, bless her saintly heart, took upon herself the education of both Hercules and his younger brother. His education was not lacking, superb in fact, for his mother was a former professor before she married their father. That's a story for a whole other biographical story.

Herc grew up in Greece, on the Gulf of Corinth and lived on a very fancy house boat. scaling the rocky shores and picking fresh seafood or learning to surf and paddle board in the turquoise waters of Nafpaktos. Though his studies come easily to him, he is prone to a wandering attention and often dreamed of being outside of his mother's study and out in the sunshine. That is something that he will not find here in the secluded new home of Hogwarts. Herc finds himself slipping into a funk, skirting the edges of depression, due to lack of sunshine and friends. His only hope is to get on with a mate or two, but will he be accepted or shunned?

What happened to daddy?

Herc's mind could never validate why his parents ever married. His father, more than fifteen years his mother's senior, was a fat old wind bag with a horrible temper and too much money to waste on expensive spirits. The night his father died, he would never forget. His father's angry face, fist raised above his head. *flinch* The flash of the rage burning in his mother's eyes as her outstretched arms held him back behind her. *flinch* He himself mimicking her protective stance and shielding Aero behind him. "Put that wand down, woman. Before you hurt the boys or yourself!" Stefano blustered, spittle flying from his flushed face. He had already broken Areo's arm and that was the final straw for his mother. She tried to get them out of there but when a wand was raised, she had to act.

Behind him, tucked behind his back and barely peeping around his elbow, his brother whimpered. Herc barely was able to steal a glance at the broken boy from his peripheral when a loud CRACK! split through the night. One millisecond of distraction and he missed the cue to restrain his mother. She sprang like a hunting panther and the curse met it's target. Automatically Herc's hand flew up to shield his blue eyes as he turned to hug his brother's face against his chest. Blinking to focus against the flare of fiery, retina-burning light which streaked directly towards his father. The old man was far too winded to jolt his reflexes and the curse hit its mark. His mouth gaped in a wide O as he bellowed his last scream. Skin flaring with orange light which burst in rays alike to sunshine from every orifice in what felt like a tumbling of slow motion before the final collapse into a heap of ash.

Herc was frozen. Blinking away the purple flakes clouding his vision and still stock still clutching a sobbing Aero to him. Ignem Internum! Echoed in his mind and faded away. It was his mother's voice. He never thought she had it in her. Something that day finally snapped in his sweet mother, but she had saved them. Saved them all from a another cruel punishment and many more to come. She gave her statement to the authorities and the deemed it self defense. It made their job a whole hell of a lot easier seeing as they already were moving to prosecute "The Dolphin", his father, for corruption and illegal gambling. Just scratching the surface of his devious empire built on swindling and lies.

So Herc's mother packed up her boys and the bid farewell to the boat. She had told them stories as little guys of a magical place called Hogwarts. They already knew they were wizards, they lived in that world all their lives. Both parents, born and bred like thoroughbreds. Opal didn't want that for her children. She wanted them to be free to choose who they loved and what they wanted to be when they grew up. So she applied to be the Astronomy professor and to get her boys into what she felt was the best school for young witches and wizards in the whole entire world. They would never speak of their father again. At least that was the plan...
Brooding, calculating, outdoorsy, witty, naturally intelligent, loves his mother, daddy issues.

Herc is tall for his age, with a frame that is starting to fill out from wiry to the man he will become. He is already over six feet tall, large for a boy his age, and he still has a few inch to go. His physique from swimming and scaling the rocky coastline of Greece has started to chisel his muscles like a statue emerging from a marble slab. His skin is kissed by the sun and he has some freckles across his nose and shoulders. Long fingers that hint at grace and talent. His eyes are deep as if one could gaze in and get lost in the layers of his soul, or perhaps he is boring into the meat of you. Sometimes he slumps his shoulders, not really used to fitting into his full height.


Hawthorn, 11 3/4'', Dragon Heartstring

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Hogwarts, Slytherin, 2004-2006

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Alexander Ludwig

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