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Forrest Finlay
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07 Jul 1980
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Forest is the next to last born of five boys to a muggle mother. He is the only one of his siblings that possessed any sort of magical powers. This came about because he and all his siblings had different fathers. Well, mom was kind of a whore... actually, she was a working girl. Though the system sustained them. The Finlay boys were pretty much left to fend for themselves, though the did have what was deemed "adequate supervision" in the form of their dear old Granny. See, granny was an adult. She could drive a car and the bills were paid, but she wasn't exactly in her right mind. She's sing sea-shanties to herself and sometimes she would put a diaper on the cat, but that was only when she forgot her medication. So the boys were able to run amuck through town. They rarely washed and never learned any manners. Drinking from the hose was always their favorite though. Often enough, one of the older kids would get snatched up for for fighting or vandalism, or sometimes for shoplifting. Once released, mum or gran could box their ears and they'd be in the dog house.

Forrest always seemed to be luckiest of all the boys, even though it was the baby that was dubbed Lucky, who he always looked out for. He excelled in public school and didn't take to bullying, unlike his older three brothers (Rowan, Ash, and Briar). Their school infraction sheets were as thick as their mum's Holy Bible. Forrest still couldn't figure out how that resided in the their house without bursting into flames. Still, all of their names and birthdays were recorded in the front as it had been for generations. Ahhh, weird family traditions. That was nothing compared to their ingrained superstitions. Yes, Forrest and his family had many rituals they performed... like every time they'd go to watch their favorite team, they's pluck an acorn from the lone tree in their tiny, muddy yard and stow it in their pocket. This was said to bring good luck, according to mum and family lore. Just one routine in a long line of peculiar practices.

When an owl with a letter arrived on a hot day at the beginning of July, and on his eleventh birthday none the less, the Finlay boys were perplexed. Birds didn't deliver mail, the postmaster did. And who would write them anyways? The older ones could barely read as it was and besides that, they didn't really know anyone besides each other and mum. Rowan snatched it and held it above his head at arm's length, the rest jumping and snatching in vain. It was just then that mum showed up and plucked it from the dirty grubby hand. "Scat!" she said with a dismissive wave, her shawl fringe flapping and releasing a smell of rosewater.

Forrest's mum tore into the letter wit ha lacquered fingernail and read down her nose, ruby rouged lips pursed. She scanned the letter once, twice and then a third time before exhaling and dramatically. Holding the back of her hand to her temple, the other resting on her plump breast, powdered flesh rising and falling beneath a very low neckline. She sighed for effect and switched her eyes to see that all were paying attention. The boys had lined up in height order, waiting for the news. "Well one of you gets to get out of here, it seems."

Their eyes gaped and there was a murmur between them of questions and hope. She let them suffer in wonder for a few drawn out moments before she thrust the letter at Forrest. He was shocked. Who would want him? "One less brat to worry about I suppose." she said, sauntering by with a wiggle in her walk, smoothing her hair as she entered the ramshackle home. This was the day it all changed for Forrest. He had little to pack and before he knew it, he was following the directions he had committed to memory. Platform 9 3/4, that was a wild thing to find. Arriving at the school, he met folks and learned things he could have never imagined in his wildest dreams.

Hogwarts and guaranteed years of room, board and free education. Not to mention THE FOOD! Forrest loved to eat because for the first time in his life he had fresh, delicious food. Everything from apples to roasts and treacle tars. He couldn't get enough... well until his stomach ached with bloat. From then on, Forrest became fascinated with food and flavors. He was mediocre at his classes, at best, but his passion was evident in potions and in the garden. He understood food, it was part of his soul.

Then at the end of his fourth year, everything went to hell. The second war began and within a year he was being yanked from school and thrown together with a bunch of other kids who were also born of non magical parents. Forrest never cared at all about blood status, he was everyone's buddy. He was so confused and heartbroken that he was torn from the best place in the world just because his blood was deemed "unpure". That ordeal almost two years long really showed him that he was a survivor and he could lift the spirits of others even in the darkest times. Weather if it were cooking on an open fire with meager scavenged ingredients or just sitting around, passing a cuppa and cracking jokes. It got him through and when all was right again thanks to Minister Shaklebolt, he was able to resume his forward momentum.

Abridged c;asses were offered and he obtained his GWED (General Wizarding Education Degree) Upon graduation, he applied to the Academy for Culinary Magic. Two years of literal blood, sweat and tears... as well as aching feet and burns... and he received his magical chef certification. Apprenticing under one of the most prominent chef wizards in London, Forrest is well on his way to becoming a gourmet himself.

Forrest was always a clown in school. Weather intentionally cracking jokes or unintentionally making an ass of himself. He learned to brush it off and always laugh. Women remain a mystery to him, with all of his limited experience ending in some sort of disaster. Still, as a young man, he tries. He's a great friend, awesome at bar games, and a good wingman.

Slightly muscular, average height with sandy blonde hair and soft brown eyes. His face is very expressive, with doe-like innocent eyes. His teeth are straight and white and he often give a goofy side smile.


Oak with acorn hilt, 9'', unicorn tail hair

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Hogwarts, Hufflepuff, 1991-1997

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Ryan Kwanten

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