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Ministry of Magic
Darcy Nightingale
Magical Law Enforcement
Lead Witch Watcher
15 Jun 1950
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On the surface, there was no reason he should've rebelled. Darcy was the firstborn of an elite pureblood family with a palatial estate, multiple land holdings, and summer homes around the world. He was treated to every privilege life could offer--the best tutors money could buy, all the fanciest possessions, and vacations wherever he wanted.

Though his parents suffered from the distant, formal airs that so commonly plague the rarefied and exorbitantly wealthy, they treated him as kindly as they knew how to. Like many other purebloods, his family cleaved to the idea of blood supremacy, to the importance of tradition, and to maintaining their sterling reputation among their pureblooded milieu. All these expectations were impressed upon him from a young age.

With two sisters, one older and one younger, Darcy was the only boy of the family, and his father often stressed the importance of carrying out the family line with a pureblooded woman of appropriate standing. Of all the expectations Darcy faced, this one daunted him the most. Because as long as Darcy could remember, he had always been attracted to other men.

His entire young life, Darcy carefully cultivated a number of personas for every crowd--one for his family, one for his school, and a secret one only for himself. He seemed a perfect young gentleman, gregarious and refined, disciplined in his studies, and he had no shortage of friends in Hogwarts. His budding friendships with muggleborns were hidden from his family, the same way that he hid his changing political opinions from them as well. As he grew older and able to travel on his own, he became more and more attracted to the freedom it provided and the fact that he could become an entirely new person in a new place.

Although he graduated with top scores in his NEWTs, Darcy had no need to work a typical job. Instead, he began to busy himself with running his own family's finances and enjoyed the life of a socialite. He became a bit of a playboy and his partying was notoriously extravagant. Against he backdrop of the First War, his actions seemed frivolous and profligate.

His parents pressured him to marry, but he managed to talk his way out of it and delay each time until at last he married a woman with deep ties to the Death Eaters. He fathered three children with her, and over the course of their marriage, he was drawn ever deeper into Voldemort's inner circle.

By the time the war ended, most of her family as well as certain members of Darcy's family would be imprisoned, though both she and Darcy miraculously managed to avoid imprisonment. She had always been a bit more moderate compared to her family, and Darcy was well connected. For the most part, they lived a happy life. Though Darcy often traveled, he came home as much as he could to help raise the children. Over the years, he grew more and more distant to his wife, who he treated as more of a friend and acquaintance than anything else.

In 1997, after the mass breakout of prisoners from Azkaban, his life fell apart.

One of the escapees informed Darcy's wife that her husband had been living a double life--one as her husband, and another as a Ministry spy. Living a double life because of his sexuality had prepared him well for such a job. After graduating from Hogwarts, he had quietly applied to the witch watchers and then used his privileged position in society to get close to the circles that held the most extreme pureblooded ideologies. Not only had he sold out multiple of his friends and family, but his marriage to her had been a sham to get close to her family and destroy them. His wife, who had always sensed something off about him but hadn't been able to put a finger on it, immediately recognized this as the truth. She divorced him immediately.

Forty seven years old, his cover blown, on the brink of another war, and now a target for all the people he had betrayed, Darcy finally came out of the closet because at some point you just stop giving a shit anymore. He began wearing women's clothes, which he had always felt more comfortable in, and no longer hid the fact that he was gay.

When the Second War broke out, it was obvious whose side he would be on. He "retired" and joined the Order of the Phoenix. Certain that they would be targets, he sent his ex-wife and children away to another country, and he joined the Order of the Phoenix. By the end of the war, the estates that he'd inherited had been destroyed by the Death Eaters, and he set about rebuilding.

Following the war, he got right back to work, though most of it focused on intelligence strategy and training the new generation of witch watchers. With the recent death of the lead witch watcher, Aurelie Dupont, he has been tapped as the new lead.


Elm, 15", Phoenix Feather

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Hogwarts, Slytherin, 1961-1968

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