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Diagon Alley
Lionel Chevalier
Jimmy Kiddell's Wonderful Wands
07 Jan 1980
6' 0"
Originally from Belgium, the Chevaliers were able to avoid most of the First Wizarding War. Their only son, Lionel, was a small child when his parents decided to live apart. His mother, a liaison to the British Ministry, took a job in London. His father, a gatherer of magical resources, stayed home with their son. It was a long time before Lionel knew why this was entirely acceptable to them both.

Before his first year at Beauxbatons, he would accompany his father on his gathering journeys. It was on these trips that he learned how to hunt for bowtruckles in their wand trees, how to identify the tree’s best harvest seasons, and how to collect the wood while retaining the most power. The moon phases fascinated him and he experimented gathering at different heights of the lunar path and seeing what affect it had on the raw wood. He began to share his father’s passion for finding magic almost immediately.

School was a nice enough experience for Lionel. He was almost at the top of his class, but he didn’t have a ton of friends and he missed his father all the time. He missed the forests even more. He could not wait for the sixth Summer home. When he arrived however, it appeared it would no longer just be him and his dad. His father’s “best friend” Theo had apparently moved in and their relationship had taken on new meaning. Lionel was livid! How could his father betray his mother like this! She had moved, but it was unconscionable to start a relationship while still married. He barely spoke to his father all Summer and was much more eager to return to school. The night before his departure, his dad slipped a letter under his door.

The letter explained that his mother had never approved of Mr. Chevalier’s natural state. Instead of facing the embarrassment of divorce she had chosen to move to another country and never look back. But the letter went on into even darker subjects. Mrs. Chevalier had now aligned herself with a dark brand of magic. Her time in the UK had not been spent kindly and she developed a deep hatred for Muggles and anyone considered to be “other”. (His father’s handwriting grew shakier as the letter went on). Lionel’s mother was something called a “Death Eater” and was killing a torturing people for fun. His father warned him that she may reach out and tempt him towards this life especially if He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named continued to hold power, which seemed likely.

Heartbroken, Lionel went back for his final year at school and graduated. Lionel had always really known what he had wanted to do. It was obvious to him that Wandmaking was his true love in life. He had struck up a correspondence with none other than Garrick Ollivander himself. He had hoped to travel to London to be his apprentice. Of course that didn’t pan out. The news of Ollivander’s disappearance struck down all happiness in Lionel. Not only had You-Know-Who stolen his mother, he had also stolen his future.

He planned to spend months at his Father’s house depressed after graduation. He was sure nothing would cheer him. That thought felt solidified when an owl delivered the first letter his mother had ever written three weeks into Summer. She was planning a visit. A visit to see him. And she was bringing friends. In a panic he ran to his father. They immediately packed their bags and departed for America.

Waking up in the United States, Lionel felt more desperate than he had ever been before. The wizarding world there was entirely different than Belgium and France and his English was affected and messy. He gloomily stayed in his room every day. Finally, his father made him go for a walk to get some new “American” clothes. On the way to the robe shop, Lionel’s heart leapt into his throat. He had spotted a sign for “Wands by Johannes Jonker” and immediately went in leaving his father in the street. He begged Mr. Jonker to accept him as an apprentice. The elderly wandmaker was put off. A foreign kid who barely spoke English and had likely no experience had no place in his employ. Lionel ran back to his room and grabbed the Ollivander letters. Once he showed them to Mr. Jonker and pointed out is excellent written English, the man hesitantly accepted him as a trial apprentice.The first moths of apprentice life came hard for Lionel. He was skilled, no doubt about it, but his relationship with Jonker was strained. Although he was learning quickly and exceeding expectation, his employer was distant a guarded.

It was soon after that the Second British Wizarding War ended. His father and Theo moved back to Belgium, but Lionel stayed. Although he was tempted to drop his new American life and head for Ollivander, the wand master had sent correspondence saying he was no longer strong enough to accept new apprentices. The war had taken its toll on him and he would use all his remaining strength to prepare his son for inheriting the business. A strange mixture of jealousy and new-found ambition grew inside Lionel. Of course it made sense for Ollivander to keep it in the family, but Lionel was sure he could be better than the young Ollivander. His new goal would be to open his own shop, and hopefully reach the height of great wandmakers of the past.

The next few years saw a time of magnificent growth in Lionel’s skills. His ignited ambition won over his American boss. With dedicated and unending practice, he soaked up every lesson with joy. He could now make beautiful and powerful wands that rivaled the lower end Ollivander wands. He also picked up how to inlay stone into the wands themselves. A bonus: Jonker had made sure his English was excellent, if not completely full of expletives.

In May of 2004, Lionel returned to Europe but not to Belgium. London was to be his new home. He now has a job at Jimmy Kiddell’s Wonderful Wands, the only other shop for wands on Diagon Alley. Mr. Kiddell is a notoriously un-inventive and “meh” wandmaker, but Lionel is sure he will learn enough and earn enough to open his own shop.
*Scientific mind
*Fascination with magic lore
*His work Is his passion
*Easily Embarrassed/Shy
*Likely Bi-Sexual (He has never had a relationship to test that theory.)
*Speaks with a slight Belgian/American accent


Lionel has very few relationships, especially in London. His entire adult life has been about wands and leaning about wands and reading about wands. It isn't that he doesn't want relationships or pushes people away, he just has never had the time or inclination to seek people out. He has recently found out that knowing people equals a successful business. So now is the time to start building connections and networking. . . so he can create wands for them.

He hopes to be remembered as one of the greatest wandmakers. His focus is to build on Ollivander's wand core work by researching how to get the most out of wand wood based on the moon and other celestial beings. It is the forefront of wand technology seeing as no one has researched it throughly since the 16th century.
*Tall and Lanky!
*He wears glasses, but not all the time. They are mostly for the fine detail work needed in crafting.
*He dresses professionally. He is not one for t-shirts or jeans usually.








13" Beech with Unicorn Hair

Educational History

Beauxbatons, 1990-1997

Face Claim

Cory Michael Smith

Additional Notes

Lionel is deeply ashamed and embarrassed by his mother. Her activities as a Death Eater are painful for him to think about, yet he seeks out the facts so he knows who to avoid or apologize to.




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