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Sydney Walker
08 Aug 1979
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Sydney is the daughter born between two fleeting lovers: a former Irish Military Corporeal named Conall O’Reilly and a United States Army Sergeant named Jennifer Walker. According to her mother, Conall was on vacation in the States and they met in a bar just outside her base. They got extremely hammered and one thing led to another, the pair had a one nightstand. He went back home and Jennifer resumed as if nothing ever happened; until weeks later. She came to find out that she was pregnant with his child, and sooner rather than later, Conall found out about it. They got together when they had the chance and came upon the agreement that as Sydney grows up, she could stay with her father during the summer times while her mother kept her during the school year.

And soon, Sydney Aideen O’Reilly Walker was born.

Having a child certainly brought Jennifer and Conall together – as close friends. When Sydney was two, Jennifer met Finley, a fellow officer. Her dad also found himself a sweetheart and both started families of their own. Growing up, Sydney always felt that she was the odd one out, regardless of which parent she was with. As a result she turned to tearing down things, especially computers.

As she got older and craftier with her building, strange things began to happen; circuits began to short out randomly, her homemade devices behaving erratically, etc. Her and her parents’ endless frustration came to end though when there came a knock to her father’s door. Wizards. They came to tell her and her father, as she was at her dad’s, her magical abilities as a witch. Being the first to receive the news, Conall had a really difficult time with convincing her mom about the truth. Of course, it took some serious convincing and a written statement from the Ministry of Magic that Sydney was a witch.

Jennifer would get over the initial shock and worked with both the Ministry of Magic and the Magical Congress of the United States of America to find a school fit for Sydney. Sure enough, Sydney was registered to attend Ilvermorny when she was of age.

Shipped Northeast, Sydney was sorted into the Horned Serpent, the house of Ilvermorny’s finder Isolt Sayre. To say school wasn’t stressful, would be a definite lie; Sydney was more interested in having a career in Information Technology than being some Wizard Cop, so while studying potion making, transfiguration, charms, etc. she also took it upon herself to earn a GED so she would be prepared. By the time she was 17, she had received her GED and registered to join the United States Army. Sydney passed Ilvermorny with exceptional grades and as promised, she went directly into the military.

In 2001, towards the end of her term, Sydney visited her dad in London where she came across a wizard in need of assistance with their p-book. She learned more about the Ministry and the need of some new blood in its hallways. She decided that at the end of her fourth year of active duty, she would apply for a position in the Department of Mysteries.

At first she was able to disappear into the crowds almost like everyone else working in the Ministry. Eventually word got out that she worked formerly in the Technological stem of the US Army and was currently helping with the growth of the Protonet that she became a favored target for the onslaught of troubleshooting questions.


Rowan Wood, 10¼, Phoenix Feather

Educational History

Ilvermorny, Horned Serpent, 1990-1997

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Lili Reinhart

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