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RP Style Questionnaire

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What are your favorite types of characters to play?
I like playing all kinds of characters, I like turning essentially a trope into a character. And by that I mean,take a one dimensional bully,like the ones in Stephen Kings books. Take the ones in IT as an example! The one-dimensional bullies that have no development or redeemable qualities whatsoever! Those kinds,I like take a trope like that and turn it into a character,develop it and give it layers.
Or take that generic shy girl trope,I'll take it,turn it upside down and develop the character. Or when not trying to create and play realistic fleshed out characters that are in a magical surrounding. I'll just make a character who has the heart in the right place,but loose morals and not give a fuck about anything. And of course,we all love badass characters

What are your favorite types of plots or relationships in RP?
Every plot is good plot,its the execution that matters,a writter can take a shitty plot and turn it into a masterpiece. Or he can take an interesting plot and turn it into shit(I'm looking at you The Purge).
People say that theres no such thing as originality...or something like that. Well, Imma gonna quote Edison on this one "A good idea is never lost. Even though its originator or possessor may die, it will someday be reborn in the mind of another."
Anything is good plot and anything can be a good and interesting relationship. I love it all

What's your preferred post length? Preferred thread length?
Short and sweet. Or maybe a medium sized post. I usually dont like making walls of text. I avoid it,but for this questionnaire. I am making an exception! When Im excited,I'm a bit of a chatterbox.

How often do you post?
How often do I post? Well,its my first rp site. I tend to be on the internet from 14:00 to 22:30 CET. As long as Im on laptop,I'll post. I hate to make people wait,as long as Im free and not busy and or interrupted,I'll post frequently. If anything changes, I'll change the answer here to be fitting and stuff

How long should a writing partner wait before nudging you to respond to a thread?
Is it ok if I let 'em decide. They can nudge me whenever they want,if they feel Im not here or something,I guess... Too new to make any big decisions like this!

How do you feel about rapidfire?
I feel like rapidfire is like the speedrun of roleplaying. I may not be ready for that considring I havent ever roleplayed with a pro. I've only roleplayed with my friend,and thats just casually where we did whatever.

How do you feel about group threads?
Group Threads? I dunno! Lets see,I never did that!

How much pre-planning vs. spontaneity do you like in your plots? Do you prefer to stick to the script or to deal with surprise curveballs?
A healthy balance of both. A bit of pre-planning and a bit of spontaneous/go with the flow plot. I basically just make a draft and setup for the plot and then go with the flow with no particular goal.....I think. Its more or less like that

What's your comfort level regarding graphic scenes w/ violence, drug use, sex, etc? Any limits?
I can read anything,but I dunno why,I just cant write sex scenes,I mean I want to,I want to be well versed in everything. And I tried,but I fail! I guess my mind is still virgin. It cant make my hands write sex scenes.
But action,violence,graphic scenes, drug use,you name it. I can write it,maybe not skillfully as you,but I can do it. But sex....ehhh....sorry to dissappoint if any possible future character catches your fancy

What are some RP habits/styles/etc. that you love?
Me and my friend messed around mostly. I dont think I have a rp style or habit,unless short and sweet counts?

What are some RP habits/styles/etc. that you avoid?
Ehh...I dunno...maybe I do hate something,maybe I just didnt notice it or draw attention to it. Im too new for some questions,give it time. Let me discover myself in this roleplaying world and then I'll answer.

Is there anything else you'd like your writing partners to know about you?
I cant think of anything at the moment,but I'll be sure to write and change and edit things when I think of something. I guess all I can say is that my timezone is Central European Time,if you're american or something. Just sayin' because I mostly came across Americans and well,that time difference...

DRARRY: Who tops?
I just googled what DRARRY means. I should have just said "I dont know". Why...just why...

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