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Hana Ling
Senior Witch Watcher
22 Aug 1954
PLAYER | Belle
Hana was the result of a one night stand between her mother, Mei - then a student - and an American GI stationed in the little muggle town near Kunlun Shan. Their lives were far from easy, even within the protective borders of Jixi, China's largest magical settlement, since Mei's parents refused to support her in her shameful decision to keep Hana, fathered as she was by a muggle.

With just each other to rely on, Hana and her mother were very close. When Mei lost her hearing in her late twenties after a bout of Dragon Pox, Hana helped her to learn sign language rather than depend on the - at the time - suspect and error-filled magical hearing aids the healers developed for her. She also liked to entertain her mother with her metamorphmagus abilities, which she had inherited from her grandfather - and Mei pushed her to practice her skill often, resulting in advanced abilities compared to others her age.

Upon graduating from Kunlun Shan, having spent her entire life solely within the magical community, Hana decided to travel. A year and a half on the road brought news of an ominous threat brewing in Britain, a magical war the likes of which had not been seen since the days of Grindelwald. Hana made an immediate beeline for the UK.

Over several years, she participated in the war in a number of ways. A schoolfriend working in one of the underground resistance clinics got her a placement there where she learned a great deal of battlefield healing, before her wanderlust and frustration with inertia led her to the actual battlefield. Hana used her metamorph powers to impersonate several Death Eaters, working alongside some of her former patients and MLE personnel to bring down cells from the inside.

Though she was the child of a muggle abandoned by her father, Hana harboured no il-will towards muggles, and used her heritage as an easy shortcut to trust. However, nor was she particularly invested in the outcome of the war, merely after the thrill of living in a world constantly on the brink of extinction. Once the war was won, she had no interest in sticking around for the rebuild, and moved on to Europe and later, the States.

Eventually, she settled in New York, becoming an employee of the MACUSA, and slowly worked her way up the Witch Watcher ranks. She married a few times unsuccessfully, and once successfully until her spouse was jailed for murder just six months after their wedding. She travelled - both for work and for pleasure. And she lived a half-life in the muggle world, always almost hoping to find her father, which she has failed to do as of yet.

Meanwhile, her mother had met a charming, wild, Irish warlock by the name of Fergus Bellchant, who was perfect but for an inconvenient little addiction to dark magic. Hana never met Fergus; he was always mysteriously "away" whenever she visited Mei, and what little she could turn up on him tracked a path across Ireland and the UK, before popping up throughout South-East Asia.

Over the years, Hana realised her mother had seemingly stopped ageing. For a woman in her sixties, Mei looked no older than thirty, and though Hana challenged her on it repeatedly, Mei remained coy - at least until the winter of 2003, when she fell ill and came to New York to stay with Hana. Delirious, she admitted that she and Fergus had gotten into some forbidden magic, a direct cause of her weakness and frailty. Afraid for her, Hana persuaded her to give a skilled legilimens, a colleague and friend of hers from the MACUSA, access to her mind. The wizard managed to pull out a significant number of her memories and store them for a pensieve, which Hana went through, meticulously piecing together a tapestry of Mei and Fergus' life together.

To Hana's anguish, despite the best efforts of the American healers, her mother passed away just two days into the new year.

Filled with fury, Hana neglected to tell Fergus about Mei's death, and instead, with assistance of the memories and her metamorphmagus capabilities, assumed Mei's identity. She returned to Jixi, spending months with her step-father under her mother's guise, collecting evidence that would allow him to be tried under International Wizarding Law.

Magical Status Form

CLASSIFIED: The registration information for aurors, hitwizards, and witch watchers is classified.

Power Scope & Limitations: Hana is an accomplished metamorphmagus who is capable of utilising the full scope of her powers to alter her height six inches in either direction, and her body weight by 50lbs. She has difficulty in changing her sex and cannot do so reliably, her male forms generally appearing more feminine than intended. However, she is a skilled mimic of other women, and prefers to transform when on jobs over using polyjuice. Her animal-part transformations are utilised only rarely - mostly for questionable furrymagi-related activities >.>


12", Ash, Phoenix tail feather

Educational History

Kunlun Shan School of Magic, Baihu, 1965-1971

Face Claim

Lucy Liu

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