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Micah Cohen
15 Mar 1981
5' 9"
PLAYER | Sander
Micah Cohen, second child to Eliana and Richard Cohen, had a routine childhood. Pestering his older sister and ordering his younger brother around, like most precocious little boys did. He often asked too many questions and irritated those being interrogated with so many inquisitions it made their heads spin. Jonah, being the only other boy in the family, and Micah grew close as roughing and paling around, creating as much mischief as little boys do.

As he grew older, Micah asked fewer questions and instead kept them to himself, however an occasional barrage of queries. He was always very interested in learning everything the world had to offer. He was never the brightest in his class but, he was extraordinarily imaginative and tried to learn from a broad list of topics instead of focusing too hard on one subject. During his time at Hogwarts, he discovered that he is very skilled in defensive spells, and had a knack for potions, despite not doing well in Charms or Transfiguration. Micah was often scolded for talking out of turn or taking the class discussions away from where the conversation was meant to go. Lacking an appropriate filter on his mouth, he has had many years to learn how to back himself out of a corner when he has said too much. An idealist, he didn't always know when to pull himself down from the clouds and ground himself. Going off on idea tangents often distracted him from his studies.

Upon the death of his mother, the typically inquisitive teenager, did his best not to ask too many questions to his father, who appeared to be at the end of his rope. Micah was crushed, like his other siblings, when his father abandoned them and left Micah in the care of his grandparents. At the time, his brother, Jonah seemed to turn sour and it strained their relationship. It was difficult to return to how they had been as child. Micah, being 16 at the time, was excited for his 17 birthday and graduation and to no longer live with his grandparents.

In school, he, despite making a few students uncomfortable with strange choices in conversation topics and his inability to figure out when not to say something, he got along swell with his fellow Hufflepuffs. He was warm, a little too friendly and always tried to rope people into debates. He is very use to the side eye glances and dirty looks his peers give him when he brings something up that seems out of the ordinary but, he caries on like he didn't notice. Usually, his brain was just trailing off during the conversation and it was where his train of thought led him.

Micah isn't what someone would call good at adulting. He often needs self-reminders to pay his bills, to eat vegetables now and then, or remembering to wear a coat or sunscreen. He leaves sticky notes all over his apartment as a source of remembrance and if he doesn't write it down, it's not likely he'll do it. He orders out most nights for dinner and when he does cook, its usually leaves the kitchen a smelly burnt mess.


Rowan, Unicorn Horn, 9 1/2", Pliable

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Hogwarts, Hufflepuff, 1992-1999

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Nicholas Hoult

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