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RP Style Questionnaire

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What are your favorite types of characters to play?
My main vibe is mysterious and complicated. I like characters that are in the thick of things and can't avaoid drama no matter how hard they may try.

What are your favorite types of plots or relationships in RP?
Plots filled with drama, action, and intrigue. Bring it on! Also, slice of life and smut. Never been able to be smutty before... I think I'll like it ;)

What's your preferred post length? Preferred thread length?
Short and sweet. Thoughts might be long, but actions should be short, blow-by-blow, if you will. I like the sponteneity of another characters reaction and the reactions that flow from there. It can be very difficult when the posts are loooooooooong.

How often do you post?
I will post as often as I can as long as it's good rp :)

How long should a writing partner wait before nudging you to respond to a thread?
I would ask for a weeks grace, please. I choreograph and direct musicals that can suddenly suck the life out of me and the time out of my day.

How do you feel about rapidfire?
Yes. When I have the time and capacity to focus on it, yes!

How do you feel about group threads?
I think they can be very fun especially when epic plots are moving forward.

How much pre-planning vs. spontaneity do you like in your plots? Do you prefer to stick to the script or to deal with surprise curveballs?
I like both. I love it when spiderwebs plots form where certain people know parts of the info, but no one quite knows everything.

What's your comfort level regarding graphic scenes w/ violence, drug use, sex, etc? Any limits?
I read and watch Game of Thrones and trashy romance novels. Does that sufficiently answer this question? lol

What are some RP habits/styles/etc. that you love?
Quick responses!

What are some RP habits/styles/etc. that you avoid?
I, myself, am not very into being random/humorous. I will leave that to others. Godmoding is something that that turns me off...

Is there anything else you'd like your writing partners to know about you?
I can have a very dry sense of humor, but appreciate it all! I don't like passive aggressive behavior. If I do something wrong, please give it to me straight and I will do my best to make it right.

DRARRY: Who tops?
Me. Obviously.

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